Stream Energy Making Life Better

Stream Energy is a privately held company founded in the year 2004 in Dallas, United States. The firm provides wireless, energy and home services to its customers. Its founders were Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki after a self-regulation market of electricity in Texas. The company was given the go-ahead as a retail provider of power by the utilities public commission of Texas on the 21st of January 2005. It started its marketing and service provided in Texas and later expanded to other states like New Jersey, New York, and Washington.

Stream energy has helped keep customers all connected by providing; wireless, protective, home and power services hence making life more comfortable. Stream Energy teamed up with its separate brand of multi-level marketing branch into stream brand in the year 2014. After merging stream energy was able to earn commissions from both recruiting new sales partners and selling to customers. The firm’s board of managers selected and announced Larry Mondry as the new chief executive officer and president of stream energy in 2016. Follow Stream Energy on Twitter.

We all have at some point been caught by surprise of high bills of energy and more often than not ask or try to solve the menace. It is effortless and manageable and saves more money spent in paying the bills. While using electrical appliances, always plug out your device from the energy source since even if it’s not in use the machine still use some energy, it is wise and advisable ever to switch off to cut and save substantial electricity bills. For example, plug out a computer from the socket when fully charged, a printer when not in use. Watch this video on

Most people leave the lights on unnecessary during the night or daytime. To enable cut down the unnecessary cost always keep the lights on when needed. This trend saves your money, and in the long run, one saves vast amounts which can be channeled to other productive enterprises to generate new income. Stream energy also offers affordable wireless, energy and natural gas prices that suit your budget.


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