Plan for Peace of Mind & Use George Street Photo and Video for Your Wedding

For engaged couples planning their big day, George Street Photo and Video is a dream wedding photographer/videographer. They go above and beyond to handle all aspects of the job, while also dedicating abundant time with the happy couple to consult on their unique vision for their special day. George Street Photo and Video’s photographers are known for being passionate about their artistry and their professionalism.


George Street Photo and Video has several locations across the U.S., including in Chicago and New York.


Chicago in the summer or fall is a wonderful and romantic place to tie the knot, with a charming mix of old and new styles, tastes and sights.


It does take a certain chutzpah to pull off a wedding in NYC, with the nearly unlimited options and hefty price tag of it all. But a fairytale wedding needs to be documented and remembered, after all, and George Street Photo and Video is always there for couples to do just that.

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