Paul Mampilly Believes In Sharing Investment Information With Everybody

Paul Mampilly figured out for himself how to make good investment decisions, and for the first nearly 20 years of his career he was making such investment decisions for the wealthy alone. But he really wanted to help everyone learn to invest for themselves, so he left the corporate Wall Street world and decided to run his own consulting business. He writes newsletters for Banyan Hill Publishing including “Profits Unlimited,” “Extreme Fortunes” and “True Momentum” and in the short time he has been writing he’s gained over 60,000 followers. Mampilly has also been featured on TV networks such as Bloomberg and Fox Business Channel.

Paul Mampilly is an Indian immigrant who came to get his bachelor’s degree in economics and finance at Montclair State University. He also holds a master’s from Fordham University. Before he started writing newsletters and independent consulting, he was a research assistant and portfolio manager for several major banks including Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, ING, Banker’s Trust, and a large private Swiss bank. He also made a name in the hedge fund industry when he joined Kinetics International Fund in 2006. He grew that hedge fund’s capital from $6 billion to $25 billion within months, and also made trades that yielded the firm’s clients 20% returns.

Mampilly has worked on his own investment portfolio over the years and found stocks that took off before even some big name investors foresaw them doing so. Some of his famous stock purchases include Sarepta Therapeutics, CEMEX, Netflix and Facebook. Mampilly has also put out information on how Amazon’s medication sales could disrupt the main pharmaceutical industry through cutting out the middleman.

Paul Mampilly became such a distinguished stock trader in 2008 that the Templeton Foundation asked him to participate in a major investment competition they were hosting. Mampilly entered the competition with $50 million and in one year he grew it into $88 million. What stunned most people was that he did this while the 2008 financial crisis hit its hardest. Mampilly tells his subscribers that the key to wise investing like what he did in the competition is just reading up all the time on the markets. He encourages everyone to look at what millennial consumers are interested in because their choices are going to dictate where the economy goes. When Mampilly isn’t doing investment research, he’s usually spending time with family.

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