Kate Hudson and the Expansion of Fabletics

For many women that wish to be active, there is an unfortunate phenomenon of the high price that is often associated with buying high quality gear that not only fits, but also looks gear. Though there is no shortage of high quality name brands within the athletic gear industry, many of the brands are not affordable and can break the banks of women that are looking to get fit. With this in mind and to find a great new way to give women the opportunity to look great in any given situation, one individual took advantage of this gap within the athletic clothing industry and has created a new and stylish way of wearing athletic gear that can be worn without breaking the bank in the process.


This individual that has shown creativeness and ingenuity within the clothing industry is Kate Hudson, a woman of many talents and of many titles. Kate Hudson is not only a businesswoman, but is also an actress, a model, as well as a mother who understands how hard it can be for individuals with children to roll out of bed and go to work while still looking great. Kate Hudson has created Fabletics to be the go to outfit for any individual on the go that is looking for a new outfit that fits every curve of the body.


Kate Hudson has not only created an innovative way to wear clothing, but has also created an innovative way that has changed the way the shopping experience is perceived. Rather than just browsing, Kate Hudson and her team of marketing experts have created an online experience that finds exactly what the customer needs. All one has to do is go to the website and take the quiz to find out which athletic gear is suited to the needs of each woman.


Kate Hudson and her team of experts have been able to create a system within the database that tailors each article of clothing based on the environment where it will be used, the size and shape of each individual as well as the style preference. Women who like color can get colorful options and women that like the classic look can also get the classic look. Kate Hudson wants each of her customers to have the best experience and to make sure that they exit the website with getting exactly what they were looking for.


For future plans, Kate Hudson hopes to expand her business to become a business that is available all over the world to many different women. In just three years, Fabletics has expanded at an exponential rate and has become a large company that is worth over $250 million. Thanks to Kate Hudson’s idea, women all over the world can look and feel great in their athletic gear without having to break the bank. Kate Hudson is not only selling articles of clothing, but is also selling a new way of life that promotes both activity as well as confidence.

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