Igor Cornelsen: Three Keys To Successful Investing

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian businessman and investment advisor. For decades he has been the man people interested in investing in Brazil have been told to consult. Cornelsen has helped countless people to make money in the often volatile Brazilian stock markets. His advice is so well respected that people in Brazil see him as a man that understands the machinations of the Brazilian markets on wordpress.com, economy and government. To many investors there is no better investment advisor than Cornelsen. He has even given investment advice to the large American fast food chain Burger King.

Part of the reason Igor Cornelsen is so adept at picking the right investment options in Brazil is because he spent decades working with some of the country’s top banks and businesses. He has also worked with the Brazilian government. This gave him unique insight into the way the local markets operate. He has also helped many companies to attract investments on about.me and grow successfully. Plus he is very familiar with the Brazilian economy and how it works. This puts him in a position to accurately predict which companies will succeed and which ones will not.

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For people interested in investing in Brazil Cornelsen has three basic rules. He counsels then to invest for the long-term. He also recommends that they diversify their investments to hedge against losses. Igor Cornelsen also recommends investors develop relationships with local people so they can get a better understanding of the ebbs and flows of the Brazilian economy. This sage advice has helped many people to grow rich and get large dividends from their Brazilian investments year after year. That has helped to solidify the perception of Cornelsen as a Brazilian investment maven.

These days Igor Cornelsen is semi-retired and spending lots of time in South Florida playing golf. He still offers investment advice to a limited number of investors through his company Bainbridge Group Inc. Cornelsen is known for his experience and expertise in commodities, foreign exchange and many other types of investing. His firm at http://igorcornelsen.tumblr.com/ is known for helping people identify lucrative investment opportunities in a wide variety of international markets.

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