How Sanjay Shah Established Solo Capital Limited.

Sanjay Shah is a Britain-based tycoon who runs several businesses in different regions of the world. The most famous company that is owned by the entrepreneur is Solo Capital Limited, which is headquartered in London. The United Kingdom government currently regulates the company, which is an international finance boutique that was incorporated in September 2011. Mr. Shah founded the company after he stopped working in the investment banking industry when his employer made him redundant during a financial crisis. He is well informed on the finance industry since he has worked as an investment banker for many years in various banks in North America.

Sanjay established Solo Capital as a brokerage firm in 2008 in a small office that he had rented on the outskirts of London. Being a new company with a small startup, he employed a few profession but currently, the business has prospered and has employed thousands of people. Solo Capital has also acquired buildings that serve as its premises. It is a profitable company and has made a fortune for Mr. Shah. The value of the business in the year that closed in March 2015 was 67.45 million pounds and 15.45 million pounds in assets and net worth respectively.

Mr. Shah grew up and schooled in London after he moved with his parents from Kenya to Britain. He attended medical school and wanted to pursue a career in medicine, but he later changed his mind and became an investment banker.

Sanjay is a generous individual, and he participates in various undertakings that help in developing the community. He founded Autism Rocks in 2014, which is a charity organization that raises money to help in researching about the diseases and creating awareness of the condition. The organization’s funds are raised by hosting music concerts with the help of various musicians from across the world. Mr. Shah’s youngest son suffers from the neurodevelopmental disorder, and this inspired him to start the organization.


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