How Can Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Move In On Amazon?

In order for any clothing company to be able to say they are moving in on the customers that Amazon currently has, this company better be raking in huge amounts of cash. Amazon is by far the leader in their niche, bringing in 20 percent of all the sales in the clothing market online. With thousands of other clothing retailers all fighting over the remaining dollars, you might think that the closest competitor is light years away. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is making efforts to move closer to that top spot, having already sold $250 million in workout apparel in three short years.


Take a closer look at this athleisure brand, Hudson says the explosion in sales is more than low prices, high quality, and her celebrity status. Hudson says that the unique combination of the reverse showrooming sales technique and incredible membership perks are what has lead to such an explosion of sales. To see how these two simple yet effective techniques work in real-time, we just need to start our quest at the Fabletics store at the local mall. This is where you see women shopping without any pressure from the sales associates, trying on all the clothing and taking the Fabletics lifestyle quiz.


Fast-forward to the Fabletics e-commerce store, and there you see how the whole sales procedure ties together. So what is going to happen is all the active-wear or workout apparel that you tried on inside the store is uploaded to the shopping cart of your online profile. So since you know that the clothing fit you in the store, you simply start shopping for wild colors, new styles, and pieces you want to add to your collection. Instead of buying a single piece of clothing, you buy a half-dozen or more, and the Kate Hudson‘s Fabletics bottom-lline explodes.


This is not the only membership perk at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, members are getting all their online orders shipped for free, discounts on all the workout apparel, and the help of a personal shopping assistant. Your assigned assistant picks a piece each month and puts it in your cart based on your lifestyle quiz answers. The common thread at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics seems to be pampering, and her customers are loving the whole process. Amazon may have to share that top spot sooner than they thought was going to be possible if things don’t change for them.

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