George Soros Sets up to be Trump’s Greatest Obstacle

George Soros is one of the most giving philanthropists on the planet, full stop. That is a position that most billionaires don’t actively try to find themselves in because they are entrenched within the confines of capitalism. However, as a renowned progressive and someone who believes in power for the people, George Soros has routinely put his money where his mouth is. George Soros is the founder of the Soros Hedge Fund and the philanthropic branch of his wealth, the Open Society Foundations. George Soros and the OSF have worked hand in hand in order to make the world a better place. Now they are going to be doing it on the highest profile imaginable: the American political scene.

George Soros returned to politics with abandon in 2016 as he broke out of his minor hiatus. Soros had been working largely with the Open Society Foundations in order to help steer local politics into the right direction for a more democratic, open, and inclusive United States. However, the prominent rise of flamethrowing nominee Donald Trump made George Soros’ return all but inevitable. Soros knew first hand the danger that a violent nationalist can have on the people in his country and the world at large and he could not sit idly by and let it happen.

So, George Soros knew that he had one move he could make and one only: come out and support progressive candidates. As a lifelong progressive, born in Hungary and educated in London, Soros was more than willing to come on board with the progressive ticket. Soros would jump in and donate a cool $25 million to both Hillary Clinton and progressive PACs up and down the ticket. His goal was simple: to put blockades in place to prevent Donald Trump from elbowing his way to an easy election night win. Soros invested heavily into immigrant rights groups, equality PACs, and progressive groups.

George Soros was born in Hungary and raised in a loving family. However, everything went sideways when the Nazi occupation began in 1944 and lasted until 1945. During that time period of Soros and his family would do everything they could in order to help Hungarian Jews escape the country. Though Soros and his family were successful to a degree but they were eventually forced to flee and find their own way to emigrate into London. In London Soros would begin his studies at the London School of Economics where he would learn much of the philosophy that has become his foundation later in life.Now, George Soros and the Open Society Foundation are on center stage in the fight against the rise of Trump’s dangerous rhetoric. Hopefully Soros can become more successful than Hillary Clinton was in 2016.

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