Don Ressler is a brilliant athletic company

Athleisure wear is having a huge impact on the fashion, entertainment, and leisure wear community. Ten years ago, few people knew of athleisure wear, but today the products have permeated every part of our culture. Parks are packed with young women wearing yoga pants and recently the Miss USA pageant ditched the swimwear segment for an athletic wear round. The demand for athleisure wear is huge, and one company is at the top of this trend.

Fabletics is a major athleisure brand. The company is partially owned by Kate Hudson, and this star presence has helped the company reach peak popularity. Women everywhere appreciate the company’s commitment to producing comfortable, functional, and beautiful athletic wear. The company at is making many inroads, but people are not familiar with the entire leadership team at Fabletics.

Fabletics has a brilliant leadership team. Kate Hudson is a great part of the team, but she is happy to have Don Ressler on her side. Don is a brilliant business leader, and he currently serves as CEO of Fabletics.

Don Ressler is CEO of Fabletics, but he had a storied career before joining the company. Don loves working with Start-ups and most of his career has revolved around getting start-ups off the ground. His first start-up was focused on the fitness industry. was a website dedicated to all things fitness. Don Ressler wanted people to easily communicate with each other about their fitness goals. was a huge success, and he managed to sell it to Intermix Media in 2001.

When Intermix purchased Fitness Heaven, Don Ressler saw a brilliant opportunity. He teamed up with Adam Goldenberg to form Alena media. Alena became the main profit center for Intermix. Eventually, Intermix became a major target for acquisition. News Corp acquired the company in 2005, and Alena mostly was ignored. Goldenberg and Ressler jumped ship to form Brand Ideas. The company focused on beauty products and they consistently stayed ahead of every beauty trend. They became a major force, but Ressler began noticing that the demand for yoga pants was increasing. He knew that athleisure brand would blow up, so he began working on Fabletics. Today, Fabletics is a major force throughout the fashion industry, and Ressler is proud to lead the company.

Fabletics should be a force throughout the industry for years to come. They have a great leadership team, and they are on top of the athleisure trend.

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  1. I always think that what Kate has been doing with fabletics is simply astonishing as she has been able to rebrand the business of fashion to what has been the talk of the town. Even as, provides us with quality review on what is going on the industry. I think people fail to mention the real brain behind the recent rise in stock of Fabletics which i think is no other person but Ressler, he has been able to initiate measures that is working.

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