COO and Co-founder of Madison Street Capital Earns Himself An Emerging Leader Award

The 7th annual M&A Advisor Emerging Leaders Award has been awarded to none other than Anthony Marsala, co-founder and current COO of Madison Street Capital. Madison Street Capital is a leading investment banking firm based out of Chicago, Illinois. The majority of clients that Madison Capital focuses on have a worth between $2 and $500 million worth of total assets and the firm likes to pair up clients and companies that have a presence in the developing markets. The M&A Advisors noticed Anthony because of his dedication and expertise within the industry, not to mention his many accomplishments. Marsala was chosen by a panel of judges that had a variety of M&A business leaders from the industry to choose from.

Anthony Marsala has been focused on the world of investment banking for over 15 years now. During a recent 40 under 40 event held by the National Association of Certified Valuators, Anthony was nominated for the award himself and a Certified Valuator. He has also been chosen for the program at Crain’s Leadership Academy over the course of 2016.

As co-founder for the company, Anthony Marsala gave the majority of the credit over to his team at Madison Capital. The award for M&A Emerging Leaders started back in 2010 as the 40 under forty awards, mostly meant for the younger M&A managers that were up and coming in the industry. The Emerging Leaders Program was recently expanding to the United kingdom in 2016, which means Anthony is joining a group of industry professionals that span the globe.

Madison Street Capital has expanded since it’s start over 15 years ago, with business sectors in North America, Asia, and Africa. The company is dedicated to working with high profile individuals and companies that have positive and productive histories. The company offers a variety of different services, but mainly focuses on mergers and acquisitions as well as valuation services, financial advisement, and marketing advice. The event Anthony Marsala will attend for the annual Emerging Leaders award will take place on June 10th in New York at the New York Athletic Club and the event will be a black tie theme.

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