Controlling Your Digital Shadow

Even if you choose to operate a brick and mortar business, you still need to control your online reputation. This reputation, called your digital shadow, will follow you wherever you go. For the most part, it is made up of what other people say about you on the internet. There are steps that you need to take so that your best reputation shines through online.

 The first thing that you need to do according to, is to monitor. Friends tell friends what they think about businesses. This word of mouth advertising can help build your business into a huge success. It can also completely ruin you. The first step, however, is that you need to know what people are saying. Therefore, use a monitoring tool and look at the results frequently.

 Respond to people who are talking about your business. If the reviews are nice, then thank them for doing business with you. If the reviews are negative, according to Dealerscape, it is even more important to respond. When possible, take steps to correct the situation. If the customer wants to argue, be sure to take it off the internet quickly. Give the customer a phone number or email where they can reach you. Everyone knows that you cannot make everyone happy all of the time. They will respect you for taking the time to respond.

 Think about the last time that you had a negative experience in a business. If you are like most people, then you took to Facebook and other places to complain. You told many of your friends and may even have discussed it around the watercooler at work. Now, think about the last time you had a great experience at a business. Chances are that you did not tell as many people. Therefore, business owners need to find ways to make it easy for customers to tell others that your business did a great job.

 Your company has a digital footprint. Take steps to control that shadow by monitoring and responding to customers appropriately.







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