The Family Wines of Julia Jackson

Julia Jackson is the Proprietor of the “Jackson Family Wines”, she attended college at Scripps College, from 2006-2010, in which she earned her Bachelor of Arts, Studio Arts degree. She then attended Standford Graduate School of Business, earning a Certificate in General Management in 2010.

Julia Jackson is involved with several non-profit organizations. Causes vary from climate change to health care. Once such non-profit that was founded by one of the Jackson Family Wines, “Cambria” is “Seeds of Empowerment”. This non-profit organization assists women who are attempting to overcome the hardships of being a female leader.

Julia Jackson believes that Verite La Joie, which is a Cabernet-dominant Bordeaux blend of wine, is arguably the best wine in the Sonoma valley.

Besides Kendall-Jackson wine, the Jackson Family Wines also own an excess of 50 wineries worldwide. These wineries range from California, to Oregon, to Australia and South Africa. Julia’s father, Jess Jackson, first founded the family winery in 1992. The winery remains under the management of Jess Jackson’s widow, Barbara Banke. The most recently acquired winery is in Oregon, and it is named “Penner-Ash”.

During the “South Beach Seafood Week” festival the Jackson Family Winery will showcase their famous Kendall-Jackson brand along with Coca-Cola and Jack Daniel’s. This Seafood festival will be four blocks long, welcoming over 13,000 seafood lovers for a day of “fun in the sun.”

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