Does Your Business Need a Wikipedia Page?


The recent aftermath of a Euro 2016 football match is a notable example of the significance of Wikipedia. The online encyclopedia experienced some amusing revisions after Robert Brady, an Irish player, scored the game-winning goal against Italy in a game that advanced his team to the final 16 of the tournament. Fans made it their business to update a Wikipedia page of the player to continue their celebration and express their admiration for Brady with revisions to his page. 

Enthusiasts took turns replacing his nickname – Robbie – with suggestions like “You Absolute Beauty” or “The Messiah”. Information about his life was added as well, including suggestions that Brady was a “God who walks among us” and assertions that the Bible was his biography. The devotion and persistence of the fans were no match for Wikipedia’s moderators, who removed the Wikipedia revisions. It did, however, create quite a stir on social media and several news sources and blogs picked up the story. 

Wikipedia Business Page Creation

The website is as much a powerful marketing tool as it is a source of information. Every business can benefit from having an informative page on the Wikipedia. Users flock to the site to research everything from their favorite celebrities to their homework assignments, and it is common for consumers to use the site to research businesses before they buy. Having a professional presence when you make a Wiki page on the site lends credibility to your company. It also aids your organization in controlling its public image and brand messaging. Wikipedia presents an easy and cost-effective way to connect with your customers online and drive them to you. 

Getting a Wikipedia Page

You want your page to include all the information customers are looking for. Your company’s vision, values, history, and offerings should all be clearly explained. The information should tell potential clients exactly what you do and why they should purchase your products or services. This level of professional content can be difficult to generate if you’re not an experienced marketing writer. This is why hiring a Wikipedia writer through an expert service, like Get Your Wiki, can help you overcome these difficulties and give you the high-quality content you need. 

Having a service create your page will assist in ensuring quality, proper formatting, and will include relevant, credible sources. Get Your Wiki’s services include consultations, page content creation, monitoring, and translations. Check out their website for more details.