Thor Halvorssen, A Brave Human Rights Defender

Everyone has something he or she strongly believes in, even small school children believe in something. The only difference is that some people would fight for what they believe in, while others just do not have the courage. The courage to fight for a course you strongly believe in could differentiate you from others, who are not brave enough.

One of the areas that mostly require the services of such brave hearts are the human rights movements. One man who stands out in this fight is Thor Halvorssen.

Thor Halvorssen has proven that he is ready to face any consequences that may come as a result of his fight for human rights. Government agencies and organizations fear his name, and nobody wants to cross the line with him.

Tyrants have labeled him as a troublemaker, a title that he has gladly accepted, provided that he fights against exploitation of the voiceless, and the marginalized people. In an article published on the weekly standard, Halvorssen is reported to have lost his relatives, who believed in the same course, but has not been swayed to give up the fight.

The article states that he has been beaten to a near-death situation, but this has only made him stronger. He has been arrested and detained for fighting for the rights of his fellow humans. He is quoted as saying that he loves people, especially those who stood bravely against tyrants, and corrupt entities.

About Thor Halvorssen

He was born in Venezuela. His mother’s name is Hilda Mendoza, who was related to the first two heads of state of Venezuela. His father also served as an ambassador, under the regime of Carlos Andres Perez.

His father was arrested when he joined the university in 1993. His mother was shot and wounded in 2004. These experiences made Halvorssen question the misuse of power and resources by those in authority against innocent citizens.

According to Cruchbase and IMDB, Thor Halvorssen has made it his priority to fight against threats to democracy, slavery, human trafficking, and dictatorship regimes. He has also lectured on the subject of human rights in various universities and institutions.

He worked for the foundation for individual rights in education, before stepping down in 2004 to form human rights foundation. He formed the Oslo freedom forum and has participated as a patron in children’s peace movement, since 2009.

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