Fagali’i Airport and Samoan Travel

Fagali’i Airport is in the village of Fagali’i in Samoa. This is a Polynesian airport that’s relatively close to Apia. Apia is known by many for being the attractive and modern Samoan capital. As far as city size goes, it beats the rest in Samoa, too. People from all around the planet travel in and out of this international airport. It caters to people who need to get to Apia and beyond. It also tends to the travel needs of Samoans who are looking to go to different regions. Apia residents who wish to visit American Samoa frequently make use out of Fagali’i Airport. That’s largely due to the fact that the airport offers flights to Pago Pago. People who appreciate Polynesian Airlines and Samoan Air often go through Fagali’ Airport.

Finding flights that travel to Fagali’i Airport on the Internet isn’t at all difficult or time-consuming. There are quite a few websites that provide people with useful information regarding flights. The Internet can even be a helpful resource for people who are looking to find inexpensive flights to the airport. It can assist individuals who are trying to secure one way tickets to Fagali’i Airport. It can even assist those who are trying to find round-trip tickets. People can look for available flights to Fagali’i Airport based on a wide range of factors. They can use their desired departure and return dates, first and foremost. It can help immensely to be aware of origin airports, too.

Fagali’i Airport has been accommodating travel needs in Polynesia for many years now. Although the airport has been a reliable staple in Polynesia for a long time, it has closed for a couple of periods, too. The airport now, however, is back in full force and looks to remain that way. People who want to delve into the spirited and lively world of Samoa can travel to Fagali’i Airport with full enthusiasm. This airport can help people who want to explore all of the things Samoa and Apia have to give the world. Samoa has museums, natural beauty and a whole lot more.


An Eco-Tourism Trip to Savannah, GA – Inspired by Wild Ark

One of the latest things my husband and I have fallen in love with is eco-tourism. Basically, instead of visiting a new town or city, staying in a high-rise downtown hotel and sampling cuisine and cocktails, we find a place and truly explore that place. Through eco-tourism we are seeking to better understand a place’s history and environment, while ensuring we are protecting the environment and not contributing urban sprawl that is often a large part of popular tourist destinations.


We recently visited Savannah, Georgia on an eco-tourism trip. While the city is best known for its charming historic district, upscale seafood restaurants and beaches – we decided to go a different route.


We stayed at a local Air B & B and planned our trip entirely around the experience of Savannah. We wanted to learn about the true beauty behind the coastal region, with its expansive stream and river system.


On day one, we took a kayak tour that weaved in and out of the pristine marshes, down tiny tidal creeks and into what can only be defined as a swamp. This was called a Nature Discover tour and we truly felt that we experienced so much more of the area’s culture and heritage just on this 4-hour excursion than we had in every other town we visited.


We did visit a beach, but it was part of our kayak tour and called a “Wild Island Adventure.” During this adventure we visited a little known beach at low tide and were surprised to find not another soul in sight. We truly took in the ecosystem, from the dead trees that twisted in the saltwater, to looking at the flora and fauna of the region – I feel like we came back with so many wonderful memories than a simple meal could have afforded us.


We became involved with focusing on eco-travel through the story of Wild Ark. The company was founded by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson with the goal of creating research and experience opportunities for people to reconnect with the gorgeous natural surroundings of our world, while looking to protect the planet for the future so that others may enjoy it.


To learn more about Wild Ark and their incredible mission and story, you can visit their website http://wildark.com/our-story/