Securus Technologies to Acquire Jpay, Inc.

Securus Technologies has announced its plan to acquire Jpay, Inc. they have signed a compacting Stock Purchase Agreement to acquire Jpay. The decision was concluded by the steering members of the company. Jpay is one of the leading technology companies that introduced email, electronic payments to offer entertainment opportunities for the correctional market. Jpay provides services to more than 33 inmate correctional facilities in the United States.


The transaction will propel Securus Technologies into one of the fastest growing companies in the business. They will enhance their services in the email, payments, and inmate’s tablets. Securus Technologies CEO, Rick Smith, says that the company has all it takes to offer all services needed in a typical correctional facility. They provide all technology-related services to correctional facilities to make them keep up with the modern trend. Securus admires Jpay as a technology company keeping up with the market trends. For many years now, the company has watched Jpay’s services carefully. They have admired their success. This was the time to combine their moderate success. For the sake of productivity, the union will result in profitability. Whenever you want the best products, you will think about Securus and Jpay. This is a better choice. Watch more on


Jpay CEO, Ryan Shapiro, says that the company has always wanted to expand their products. They deliver the best value in the market. He is happy that Securus values their management team. They are looking forward to working together with one company. The primary focus of Jpay is to develop exclusive products to gain adoption on a massive scale. While Securus is behind their efforts, they are assured of success. Their team has worked tirelessly to realize the company’s vision. While they diversify their products, they want to keep the prisons safer and more efficient. Jpay is thrilled to be wholly owned by a subsidiary company of Securus team.