Skout Is Working To Tackle Hunger In America

Skout is a well known website that helps people to connect. The website allows people to meet others in their own area. However, Skout makes it possible to connect with people anywhere in the world. These can be in the form of online friendships between individuals that may never meet in person. However, Skout can also help people to contact others that they will form lifelong, in person connections with. Now, Skout is trying to tackle a very serious problem facing America. This problem is hunger. Skout is specifically working to solve this problem in the San Francisco and Marin County area.

Skout has been around for quite a while, and numerous people use the services of Skout. The company is around nine years old. This dates it’s founding back to 2007. The services of the company are also quite broadly available. One can log into the Skout website from 180 different nations. Furthermore, they make it easy for people who speak non-English languages. In fact, one can use the services of Skout in 16 of the world’s languages.

People are encouraged to send “virtual bags of snack food items” through the website to other Skout users. This has been done in conjunction with National Potato Chip Day, which happened on March 14th. When users send these “virtual bags of snack food items”, donations are going to be made by Skout to help food banks. The food banks will receive donations, and this will help to tackle the problem of hunger in the Marin County area. Skout is going to keep doing this until their very ambitious goal is reached. The company intends to serve 20 thousand people that live in San Francisco and Marin County.

The food bank that they are donating to now is quite a large one. In fact, they have enough food to assist 100,000 hungry individuals in the San Francisco and Marin County area. They have successfully assisted many needy people in the San Francisco area. There are a number of other organizations that are affiliated with this food bank.

However, this project was in conjunction with National Grilled Cheese Day. This program was quite successful, and it helped to tackle the problem of hunger for 10 thousand people in the San Francisco and Marin County area.