Billy McFarland’s Brilliant Black Card

Billy McFarland, the founder of Magnises a company situated in New York. The 23 years old entrepreneur who schooled at the Pringy School has made milestones in his young business.

Magnises is a company with a relatively new concept. It is a social club with a card that binds the members to their credit or debit cards. The events that are organized by the firm and other great deals are only accessed by the clubs black card.

The concept of the card is similar to that of a standard credit card. As a member, you can use the card for payments, but aside from that, you can also get discounts in restaurants, clubs, and all other sales that accept cards. You can also reserve a position at your favorite concerts. All these benefits make the card stand out.

McFarland who once started a company called the Spling sees a great future in Magnises. He intends to create a professional outfit that makes it possible for people of different social statuses and those who work in various fields to come together as members.

This dream has already begun to see fruition. The one-year-old club already has more than 6000 members who pay $250 annually for the privilege of having the black card. It is easy to get access to the Magnises membership with the use of instant membership area access.

Even with its immense success in the startup, the team in the fast-growing company is setting up a platform which connects the millennial, whether they are online or offline, with great new businesses.

Some of the companies in New York that have signed up include the La Esquina and Catch restaurants, Finale and Gold bar clubs as well as the Spin studio. There are also attractive helicopter discounts on trips to the Hamptons with Blade Company.

The Magnises team recently changed office locations from the West Village Townhouse where they started off to a penthouse in a hotel on Rivington. The new place of duty is on the Lower East Side. Members can freely use the large offices to work hold meetings. The company also hosts several events like the late-night DJ sets, among others, from the penthouse.