Karl Heideck’s Review On The New Car Seat Law in Pennsylvania

After earning his Bachelor of Arts degree from Swarthmore College in 2003, Karl Heideck decided to further his studies. He later graduated from Temple University’s Law School with a Juris Doctor in the year 2009.

Karl Heideck later acquired his license to practice law in 2010 and is now an experienced litigation attorney, who has been practicing for seven years in the greater Philadelphia region of Jenkintown, Pennsylvania.

Although he specializes in risk management and compliance practices, Karl also bears skills in multiple aspects of law. This includes employment law, legal writing, mediation, corporate law, commercial and civil litigation, product liability, intellectual property protection, arbitration and appeals.

Aside from spending time in the courtroom attending to his clients, Karl Heideck writes a blog aimed at explaining various legal topics to the public. Recently, Heideck, in his blog, has discussed the new car seat law in Pennsylvania. On August 2016, Pennsylvania enacted a law aimed at lowering the risks of kids incurring serious harm through car accidents. The law stated that children under the age of two must be buckled into a rear facing car seat. The police issued a warning to individuals who failed to comply for the first year, but the warning period has now expired.

The new law has gathered a lot of support from various legislators across the Keystone State, who have frequently championed laws that are aimed at saving lives. Such legislators include John Yudichack, who is pleased that the law will maximize safety of the community’s most vulnerable and promising population, and Karen Boback, who has recently become a grandmother.

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Parents of young children are not only expected to follow this law to the latter, but also ensure they watch for safety recalls. This is to ensure the parents do not purchase defective items with a poor performing harness. Advice on how to select the appropriate car seat will be available on PennDot. The model of the vehicle to be driven has to be examined to ensure the purchased seat fits well into it. The seat should be fitted correctly according to the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the child’s top safety.

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