COO and Co-founder of Madison Street Capital Earns Himself An Emerging Leader Award

The 7th annual M&A Advisor Emerging Leaders Award has been awarded to none other than Anthony Marsala, co-founder and current COO of Madison Street Capital. Madison Street Capital is a leading investment banking firm based out of Chicago, Illinois. The majority of clients that Madison Capital focuses on have a worth between $2 and $500 million worth of total assets and the firm likes to pair up clients and companies that have a presence in the developing markets. The M&A Advisors noticed Anthony because of his dedication and expertise within the industry, not to mention his many accomplishments. Marsala was chosen by a panel of judges that had a variety of M&A business leaders from the industry to choose from.

Anthony Marsala has been focused on the world of investment banking for over 15 years now. During a recent 40 under 40 event held by the National Association of Certified Valuators, Anthony was nominated for the award himself and a Certified Valuator. He has also been chosen for the program at Crain’s Leadership Academy over the course of 2016.

As co-founder for the company, Anthony Marsala gave the majority of the credit over to his team at Madison Capital. The award for M&A Emerging Leaders started back in 2010 as the 40 under forty awards, mostly meant for the younger M&A managers that were up and coming in the industry. The Emerging Leaders Program was recently expanding to the United kingdom in 2016, which means Anthony is joining a group of industry professionals that span the globe.

Madison Street Capital has expanded since it’s start over 15 years ago, with business sectors in North America, Asia, and Africa. The company is dedicated to working with high profile individuals and companies that have positive and productive histories. The company offers a variety of different services, but mainly focuses on mergers and acquisitions as well as valuation services, financial advisement, and marketing advice. The event Anthony Marsala will attend for the annual Emerging Leaders award will take place on June 10th in New York at the New York Athletic Club and the event will be a black tie theme.

Madison Street Capital – Business Financing Proposal

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm which is headed by Anthony Marsala. He and his team have worked day in and day out to make this firm one of the top leading providers of finance products and services related to individual investment and businesses. Out of all those services, the firm offers capital raising which is one of the services popular among entrepreneurs and people planning to expand their businesses for various reasons.

So what makes a business not worry about future. Fund. And how to get the needed fund on time when cash and other assets are low? The answer is through effective fund raising for which an elaborate financial plan is necessary. Madison Street Capital is well-versed in explaining its clients the elements that go into a good financial plan. This is nothing but a financing proposal with supporting documents that play a major role in the starting or expansion of the business. As the service implies, its goal is to show the financial backing and summary of the key issues, the needed finance and other details that make up the plan. A financial plan is prepared to support the financing request which normally happens when the business needs fund and it is shortage of cash. The lender or venture capitalists will review this plan and do the needful if necessary. Madison Street Capital has reviewed a large number of such plans and helped its clients make the decision in writing these plans effectively.

Financing proposal as stated earlier is an integral part of any business which has all the information needed to plan the business accordingly. It has analysis of the financing required to support the business needs, inventory purchase, employee payment, benefits and much else. It contains the description and justification of business’s assets, future purchase and operating plan as well. In essence, this plan is very crucial for the business to grow in the present and future. The key to prepare this plan, however, is to divide the various tasks into manageable steps which Madison Street Capital will show. This means, identifying the fund needed, explaining where the fund will be used, specifying the type of finance, specifying the maturity of the financing needed, identifying collateral wherever necessary, suggesting a payment schedule that makes sense for the business and many other details required by lenders or investors. Madison Street Capital along with fund raising service offers many other finance related products such as mergers, acquisitions and underwriting.

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Madison Street Capital CEO Anthony Marsala Announced as Winner of Emerging Leaders Award

Madison Street Capital, the investment firm for small to mid-sized organizations, has another achievement to add to its list. Its CEO, Anthony Marsala, has been announced the recipient of The M&A Advisors Emerging Leaders Award. This is M&A Advisors’ 7th consecutive year of picking a recipient.

The advisors chose Anthony for the award for his achievements and knowledge in the financial sector. He was selected from a list of deep, and accomplished financial professionals. Marsala thanked his team at Madison Street Capital for helping make it possible for him to achieve the success he has at the company.

Anthony Marsala has been a staple of the investment banking world for 15 years. Anthony’s history includes dedicated work on structuring deals in leveraged investment scenarios. Anthony also has considerable experience and expertise in the realm of Mergers and Acquisitions. In addition, he is a CVA accredited by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. The M&A advisors will be hosting their awards ceremony in New York City. They will introduce their award winners at the event. Including the current winner of the Emerging Leader designation.

Madison Street Capital is an investment firm that guides its clients through a variety of financial processes. Focusing on small and mid-level organizations, Madison Street Capital tailors their advice and strategy specifically for their clients with detail and precision. Boasting an excellent reputation and track record, Madison Street Capital is a rising force within the investment banking world. They are experts in handling Mergers and Acquisitions as wells as assisting firms in raising the capital they need to flourish. Additionally, the firm offers astute expertise and strategy on money management and how to effectively enter and exit the financial markets.

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A Demographic Analysis Of The Investment Banking Industry And It’s Operations.

Recently, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission abbreviated as EEOC did an in-depth analysis of the demographics of the investment banking industry. This analysis established that in the investment banking has made good process in minority consideration. The analysis established that majority of the employees in this industry are white and male. Besides this, the industry has put good emphasis on minority representation as it has a good number of women and other non-white races in it. On top of this, this minority representation goes as far as in the executive positions in management where you can easily find women and other non-white races. Currently, over 40% of the industry’s total workforce is made up of minority groups. Minority representation has also increased on the technical level and sales representative levels. From the analysis, the investment banking sector is one of the best performing industries in terms of national integration.

After the 2008 global crisis, operations in the investment banking industry became more technical. This industry evolved its operations perspective after this crisis. As most of the investors who had suffered from the crisis started looking for alternative investment opportunities, the industry fast adapted to this. The industry also expanded its services to cover the personalized needs of its clients. Currently, most investment banking firms offer all of the investment banking services. This move has helped this firms be able to provide full services to their clients in terms of investment. The investment banking firms also currently take customer satisfaction more seriously. These firms look for well qualified and skilled professionals to support this agenda.

This industry is served by firms that have a good success track record. Martin Lustgarten has been working in the investment banking industry throughout his career. He is currently an investor and entrepreneur.
Lustgarten, Martin investment banking firm is a model firm in the industry looking at the success it has achieved. Lustgarten himself has been part of various investment banking transactions that are historical in this industry. His investment banking experience has attracted hundreds of clients to his Lustgarten, Martin investment banking firm in Florida. He has a Vimeo account which he updates regularly with amazing videos.