Shaping a Franchise with Omar Yunes

Businesses want to be successful. It is not an easy task because of how the competition shapes companies and their owners. Franchises are no different. Sometimes it is even harder to be a franchise holder because there are the expectations to perform as well or better than those belonging to another franchise owner. Every year the best franchisees are recognized in a ceremony but before anybody can reach the ceremony, they must go through regional, national and then international competition. One of these franchises is Sushi Itto from Mexico. It started out as just one little restaurant, and now it is a small and still growing empire.

The man at the helm of the chain in Mexico is Omar Yunes who started the first Japanese restaurant in Mexico and then slowly expanded opening other restaurants. There are now 13 Sushi Itto restaurants, and that is not the final number because Omar Yunes is not showing any idea of slowing down. He is bold and not afraid to take the necessary risks to make his business succeed. It shows in his leadership style as well, but he still keeps a connection with all the restaurants he currently oversees.

For Omar Yunes openness, honesty and high standards are some of the most important things in a company. He created a system that allows expectations, performance, and achievements to be measured in each restaurant. He takes a personal interest in new managers and oversees the different parts of the business with passion. However, the system in place allows training to become easier as there are guidelines managers need to follow when they are training new staff.

His leadership is recognized, and people enjoy learning from Omar Yunes. He inspires people who are not sure about taking up the reigns of their first franchise. Communication is one of the most important aspects of the CEOs day. Omar Yunes stays in touch with his 13 restaurants as well as his boss who is the CEO of this Japanese food chain. It is not a big chain, so having 13 restaurants in Mexico is a very welcome outcome, especially because the restaurant is a success.