Vincent Parascandola Uses His Talent To Succeed

Vincent Parascandola is a leader who believes in progress and change, and he has managed to stay true to his principles of leadership by ensuring that AXA Advisors rises to the top and become one of the best financial advisory companies in the United States. Having begun his career in 1978, Vincent has continued to work and ensure that his success makes an impact on the lives of others.


Through the years of understanding how the financial industry works, Vinny decides to use the knowledge that he has to educate others and ensure that they also understand a tip of what finance encompasses. He has managed to achieve this through the talks that he gives in various conferences to his audience who are usually very keen to get some of the vast content that Vinny possesses.


AXA Advisors has been in operation for quite some time and the headquarters are located in Paris. However, the enterprise has managed to expand into different regions of the world such as the United States, and that is where Vinny is located. Upon joining the company, great strides of success have been encountered, and it has even expanded further.


The main services that are provided by the firm range from Insurance services, investment management, and financial advice. Before Vinny joined the company, he initially worked at MONY Life Insurance in 1978 where he was in charge of the business’s field branches. He then joined AXA Advisors in 2004, and his uniqueness in leadership has enabled him to raise up the various leadership ranks in the organization until he elected to chair the company as the Senior Vice President position.


As a Bachelor of Science Student from Pace University, Vincent Parascandola is testimony towards the fact that embracing talent is a crucial factor since it leads an individual’s towards becoming successful. Vincent had a great passion for finance since he was young and that is the career that he decided to pursue upon completing his studies in college. Apart from making a successful person, his talent has led him to win various awards such as the GAMMA development Career Award and also the Master Agency Award. Vinny has been recognized on many platforms as an individual who not only struggles for his welfare but one who helps others to climb the success ladder.