Fabletics Venture into the Fashion e-Commerce Market

Amazon is currently in control of 20% of the e-commerce market in the fashion world. This has made it difficult for other companies to succeed in the business. However, Fabletics has been able to succeed in the market and has grown into a $250 million business over the past three years. Fabletics is an online retailer business in the United States. It specializes in selling women’s footwear, sportswear, and accessories. The company just like Amazon uses the e-commerce business approach. It was founded in 2013 by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler. The company also has a men activewear line known as FL2 that was launched in 2015. The clothing firm has its headquarters in El Segundo, California.


Apart from using the e-commerce platform, Fabletics also uses a subscription method to sell clothing. In the past, the price and quality of good and services were the main aspects used in defining high-value brands. With the change in economic patterns, the combination is not applicable anymore. In place, factors like customer experience, exclusive design, brand recognition, gamification elements and last-mile services are now determining high-value brands for customers.


Fabletics membership model is as profitable as that of Apple and Warby Parker. The active-wear company will be expanding its operations and opening new stores in the future. It currently has only sixteen physical stores situated in Florida, California, Hawaii, and Illinois. The company success is owed to the fact that it developed a new modern form of high-value brand. Their membership comes in handy when providing personalized services and trending fashion to their customers at a price that is half of what their competitors charge.


Fabletics operates its physical stores in a manner that is completely different from that of their competitors. It uses the reverse showrooming method. The reverse method has enabled the company to build relationships with customers. The physical stores focus more on the people and their culture.


Kate Hudson is an American actress. She had a passion for active wear and turned it into an income generating enterprise. The actress became involved in the business from day one. Apart from being the co-founder of the clothing firm, Hudson also appears in the advertising of the brand’s women wear. Moreover, she also takes part in designing the sportswear and footwear. Kate Hudson also reformed the customer care department at the company to facilitate easy communication with customers. Kate has been committed to ensuring their customers have been served properly.

How Can Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Move In On Amazon?

In order for any clothing company to be able to say they are moving in on the customers that Amazon currently has, this company better be raking in huge amounts of cash. Amazon is by far the leader in their niche, bringing in 20 percent of all the sales in the clothing market online. With thousands of other clothing retailers all fighting over the remaining dollars, you might think that the closest competitor is light years away. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is making efforts to move closer to that top spot, having already sold $250 million in workout apparel in three short years.


Take a closer look at this athleisure brand, Hudson says the explosion in sales is more than low prices, high quality, and her celebrity status. Hudson says that the unique combination of the reverse showrooming sales technique and incredible membership perks are what has lead to such an explosion of sales. To see how these two simple yet effective techniques work in real-time, we just need to start our quest at the Fabletics store at the local mall. This is where you see women shopping without any pressure from the sales associates, trying on all the clothing and taking the Fabletics lifestyle quiz.


Fast-forward to the Fabletics e-commerce store, and there you see how the whole sales procedure ties together. So what is going to happen is all the active-wear or workout apparel that you tried on inside the store is uploaded to the shopping cart of your online profile. So since you know that the clothing fit you in the store, you simply start shopping for wild colors, new styles, and pieces you want to add to your collection. Instead of buying a single piece of clothing, you buy a half-dozen or more, and the Kate Hudson‘s Fabletics bottom-lline explodes.


This is not the only membership perk at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, members are getting all their online orders shipped for free, discounts on all the workout apparel, and the help of a personal shopping assistant. Your assigned assistant picks a piece each month and puts it in your cart based on your lifestyle quiz answers. The common thread at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics seems to be pampering, and her customers are loving the whole process. Amazon may have to share that top spot sooner than they thought was going to be possible if things don’t change for them.

Fabletics Offers High-Quality Fitness Clothing for Women at Affordable Price

The world of fashion is fast evolving and getting even more competitive with every passing day. Many leading fashion retail brands are entering the market now and then, and while some stays, most of them vanish into thin air. It is primarily because of the presence of companies such as Amazon, which continues to hold 20 percent of the market share in the fashion online retail market. However, one of the relatively young brands that have proved to be a fierce competitor for Amazon recently is Fabletics.


Fabletics is one of the most talked about athleisure brands in the market today and provides its products world over. The company has a highly affordable and unique subscription model through which the company has acquired over 1.2 million VIP members from across the globe. The subscription model business has proved to be high successful for the company and has helped it gain substantial business. In just over four years of operation, Fabletics has managed to do the business of over $300 million annually.


The fact that Fabletics is co-owned by Kate Hudson, one of the globally famous Hollywood actress and a highly acclaimed fitness diva, has also played the key role in the success of Fabletics. The company also implemented the reverse showroom technique to the company’s advantage. In this method, the brand first made sure that is popular among the target audience online, and there is significant brand awareness in the market about Fabletics. Once that goal was achieved, Fabletics started launching its physical showrooms across the country. At present, Fabletics has 18 showrooms in the country and plans to open much more in the years to come, not only in the United States but the overseas market as well.


Fabletics is a brand that the customers can relate to, and this is what Kate Hudson always wanted. Kate Hudson realized that while there is a huge demand for athleisure products in the market, there are almost no brands that offer reasonably priced products. In one of the interview she said that to buy Yoga pants from a high street fashion brand, one needs to give close to $300, which Kate felt is unreal and unfair to the masses. It is because of this reason Fabletics was born, and now people have access to a vast collection of athleisure products that are reasonably priced. Moreover, the customers can personalize their shopping experience at the site by taking the Lifestyle Quiz offered by Fabletics.

Kate Hudson and the Expansion of Fabletics

For many women that wish to be active, there is an unfortunate phenomenon of the high price that is often associated with buying high quality gear that not only fits, but also looks gear. Though there is no shortage of high quality name brands within the athletic gear industry, many of the brands are not affordable and can break the banks of women that are looking to get fit. With this in mind and to find a great new way to give women the opportunity to look great in any given situation, one individual took advantage of this gap within the athletic clothing industry and has created a new and stylish way of wearing athletic gear that can be worn without breaking the bank in the process.


This individual that has shown creativeness and ingenuity within the clothing industry is Kate Hudson, a woman of many talents and of many titles. Kate Hudson is not only a businesswoman, but is also an actress, a model, as well as a mother who understands how hard it can be for individuals with children to roll out of bed and go to work while still looking great. Kate Hudson has created Fabletics to be the go to outfit for any individual on the go that is looking for a new outfit that fits every curve of the body.


Kate Hudson has not only created an innovative way to wear clothing, but has also created an innovative way that has changed the way the shopping experience is perceived. Rather than just browsing, Kate Hudson and her team of marketing experts have created an online experience that finds exactly what the customer needs. All one has to do is go to the website and take the quiz to find out which athletic gear is suited to the needs of each woman.


Kate Hudson and her team of experts have been able to create a system within the database that tailors each article of clothing based on the environment where it will be used, the size and shape of each individual as well as the style preference. Women who like color can get colorful options and women that like the classic look can also get the classic look. Kate Hudson wants each of her customers to have the best experience and to make sure that they exit the website with getting exactly what they were looking for.


For future plans, Kate Hudson hopes to expand her business to become a business that is available all over the world to many different women. In just three years, Fabletics has expanded at an exponential rate and has become a large company that is worth over $250 million. Thanks to Kate Hudson’s idea, women all over the world can look and feel great in their athletic gear without having to break the bank. Kate Hudson is not only selling articles of clothing, but is also selling a new way of life that promotes both activity as well as confidence.

Fabletics Gets into the Ring With Amazon

In the world of boxing there are winners and losers that travel very different paths. The winners like Muhammad Ali, Floyd Mayweather, and Mike Tyson go down in history as some of the greatest boxers in the history of the sport. The losers, by contrast, do not get their names etched in the minds of most boxing fans. They become forgotten because there are not highlight reels or television specials to celebrate anything that they have accomplished. This life of the loser in boxing, as in just about any sport, is the life of someone that is forgotten by the world. There have been a lot of clothing companies that have gone up against Amazon, and many of these companies have been knocked out of the ring. There is a new opponent that is ready to stand in the ring with Amazon, and this time the fight appears to be a fight to the finish for dominance in athletic clothing.


The company that is trying to sneak and steal the command lead that Amazon has in the industry is Fabletics. This company is more than capable of doing so because there it is face that is linked to brand. This face and personality is Kate Hudson. Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, has done a pretty good job of selling just about everything on Earth. He started with books – which still sell quite well on Amazon – to lure the initial crowd of readers. He expanded ever so nicely to include things like beauty products and movies. Bezos started giving users Amazon credits for used items and started selling used products. Bezos even started producing television shows. The company has expanded in almost every way that one could imagine. Clothes just seemed like another natural progression for the Amazon family of products that were already being sold.


Right now Amazon controls 20% of the entire clothing market according to Forbes magazine. Fabletics may not even have a controlling percentage of the market yet, but this company is averaging about $250 annually for sales. This is nothing to sneeze at when it comes to revenue. What Fabletics sounds like is a very formidable opponent. Amazon is so massive. It almost seems like Jeff Bezos doesn’t really have a huge worry about this company just yet. There should be worry, however, because Fabletics is becoming very dominant for a company that has been around for less than 7 years. This is the company that has spent a considerable amount of time expanding. Customers are seeing the benefits of going into the physical stores to shop and more of these stores are on the way.


Fabletics seems to be growing at a rate that no one many have anticipated. There were naysayers in the background trying to overlook the hard work that Kate Hudson has put in, but her fans stayed loyal. Hudson also stayed committed to building the brand. She has even been able to act and promote the brand successfully.

Summer Clothing From JustFab

Kate Hudson has founded an excellent clothing company that sells a variety of different types of products, called Fabletics. Fabletics is part of a larger corporation, called JustFab. JustFab also has a number of other different sections. In fact, there are three parts to JustFab. One part of Just Fab sells exclusively shoes. The name of this company is ShoeDazzle. Another part of the company is called FabKids, and this company caters to clothing for children. One thing these different sections of the company have in common is that the clothing products are sold online. All of the sections of the company are known to make very reputable and well liked clothing products. Also, JustFab has been around for quite some time. In fact, JustFab is more than 5 years old. JustFab offers a variety of different types of summertime clothing from all of the company’s branches. This includes Fabletics, ShoeDazzle, and FabKids.

ShoeDazzle is one of the parts of JustFab, and this company sells a number of different high quality shoes. They have a variety of different shoes that can be great for summertime. This aspect of JustFab was around for a bit longer than JustFab itself. In fact, they were founded in 2009. While they are known for selling very high quality shoes, there are also other types of products that ShoeDazzle sells. They sell jewelry and handbags. Their membership is also quite affordable. In fact, they offer VIP membership for only $39.95 per month.

FabKids offers a variety of different types of kids clothing. In fact, they offer summertime clothing that is aimed at boys and girls. Their clothing looks great, and it is affordable. In fact, for only $9.95 it is possible to get a summer outfit for your kid. In addition, they have other deals that can help you to get affordable clothing. There also is a VIP club for FabKids, and this gives you access to even more great deals from FabKids.
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Fabletics was founded in 2013, which is significantly later than the founding of JustFab itself. The company offers some extremely popular products. In fact, their clothing of the month club has become extremely popular. Kate Hudson founded this company along with other individuals, and it has gone very well. As time goes on, Fabletics is expected to continue to grow. There are several reasons for this. Fabletics offers some extremely stylish summer clothing products. However, the rates of their clothing of the month are also affordable. It is possible to receive clothing every month from Fabletics for the affordable price of only $49.95 per month. Fabletics also has a number of different in person stores, and you can get clothing there. There aren’t very many in person stores from Fabletics currently though. As the company grows, it is expected there will be even more in person stores opening. 
Source: https://www.facebook.com/justfab/