These Tips From Party Planners Will Ensure That Your Next Party Is A Success

With all of the party and corporate event planners in NYC has to offer, it’s easier than ever to hire a professional to help you plan an upcoming party. However, not everybody can afford to allocate a portion of their budget to hiring a professional planner.


Luckily, we were able to get some amazing party-planning tips from real event planners in NYC. If you are planning to host a party in the near future, follow these tips and your party will be a huge success.



  1. Develop a Theme


What sets the mood of a party better than a clever and exciting theme? Guests love themed parties because it lets them embrace their imaginations. Whether it’s a theme based on your favorite movie, a fun decade or a hobby, a clever theme will keep your party in the memories of your guests for a long time to come.



  1. Upgrade Your Party Favors


It’s very thoughtful to give guests something to take home at the end of the night. However, if your party favors don’t serve an actual purpose, chances are that your guests will toss them as soon as they get home.


Use your creativity when coming up with your party favors. Make sure that they are something that your guests can actually use as well. Homemade bath salts or baked goods are thoughtful, creative and highly useful party favor ideas.



  1. Serve Simple Food


If you’re hosting more than 20 people, a fancy meal with several courses just isn’t practical. Instead, make some appetizers that guests can eat with their hands. That way, they can continue to mingle while they munch.


When it comes to selecting your menu, stick to foods that can easily be prepared ahead of time. There’s no need to exhaust yourself in the kitchen right up until the moment that your guests begin to arrive.



  1. Hire a Professional


If you have the budget for it, there’s no shame in hiring one of the many event planning companies in NYC to handle the big stuff. Twenty Three Layers is an event planning company that can manage everything from your invitations to your decor while providing much-needed services like musical entertainment and catering. This company works with parties of all sizes so that hosts can just focus on keeping their guests entertained.

Twenty Three Layers: Perfect Party Planning

A popular event planning company in NYC called Twenty Three Layers was recently featured online in an article that was a collection of pictures, showing off the companies creative abilities to execute the perfect themed party. The party’s theme was “Teddy’s Farm,” and was a first birthday. Twenty Three Layers captured the theme exquisitely and surely planned an event that will be a fond memory.

With red checkered tablecloths and accents, the farm theme was made very clear. In a corner of the room, laid a tall haystack with names of guests of each child attending the first birthday bash. As a centerpiece, country baskets were filled with apples and at each table setting, a farm board book was wrapped in ribbon nearly for each guest. One of the biggest attractions was the beautiful dessert bar with labeled sweets and creatively places to catch the eye. Everything was just so, and the theme was such an adorable one. Parents and child wore plaid to match the red checkered tablecloths, and the cake featured farm animals. This theme is so versatile and could be used for any age child party and either gender, as well.Red Checkered Table Cloth

Based in New York, this company has grown to become popular with big corporations such as West Elm and Jaguar. Twenty Three Layers is no stranger to planning events of all kinds including weddings, work events, and as pictured in the article, birthday parties. One thing about this company is if you visit their website, you can read many testimonials about the beautiful work they’ve done. It’s clear that Twenty Three Layers can plan one awesome event! They have a special team of designers for each aspect of party planning and will work with you and their teams to make sure that everything you expect at this event will turn out perfectly!