Chubby Has An Easier Time Maintaining His Weight On Beneful

My dog is an English Foxhound who is very social, gentle, and friendly. Many English Foxhound’s are also active but this isn’t the case for mine. My English Foxhound’s name is Chubby because he likes to eat more than he likes to be active. Chubby has had many problems in the past when it came to his weight not only because he likes to eat but also because he was less active than he should be considering his breed. After trying nearly everything I had decided to put Chubby on Purinastore Beneful healthy weight dog food. Luckily, due to the fact that it is filled with healthy ingredients and a ton of flavor he has been able to lose some weight as well as maintain his weight on it. Not only did Chubby lose weight and then be able to maintain his weight loss on Beneful healthy weight dog food but he also has been more active since I changed his food. I have another English Foxhound along with having Chubby and she eats Beneful wet dog food daily. The type of Beneful wet dog food [] I buy for her is Beneful beef stew wet dog food and she loves it because it is filled with flavor. I also buy Chubby and my other dog Beneful dog treats. The type of Beneful dog treats I buy for Chubby is the Beneful dental twists so that his teeth stay squeaky clean and the type I buy for my other dog is Beneful baked delights hugs. The reason I buy on Amazon my other dog a different type of dog treat than I buy Chubby is because she doesn’t have a problem keeping her teeth clean and she also doesn’t have a problem maintaining her weight like he does so I don’t want to fatten him up with regular treats when I can be giving him healthy teeth cleaning treats that are also made by Beneful.