Rocketship Education Works Toward Brighter Future

Rocketship Education of a growing network of public charter schools that is working to improve the education system and provide better options for children. They are a non-profit organization and thanks to their hard work they have been able to create a strong system of high quality public schools that give the children that live in San Jose a better chance for success. Their first school opened its doors in 2007 and they have now worked their way up to 25 charter schools, each of which is helping these children of low income families have an increased chance of attending college. Many of these children are still learning English as their second language, and these schools give them the opportunity to improve upon those skills.

The Center for Research on Education Outcomes at the Stanford University recently conducted some research which discovered that these children who are still learning English were able to gain over a month of reading and math learning after they began attending one of the charter schools at Rocketship Education. Now some other school districts, such as the Franklin-McKinley School and the Rock Union Elementary School are starting to partner with these charter schools because they have seen the positive benefit they have had on these low income children.

The parents are very involved in the schools that are inside of the Rocketship charter public school education system. In fact, they are even involved in the process of interviewing teachers for positions at the Rocketship schools. This is a new and very progressive system that is revolutionizing the way education in the United States is approached. It allows the parents to be more involved in their child’s education. These parents are so dedicated to their child’s education because they want them to have the opportunities that they did not have when they were growing up. Interviewing the teachers gives them a say and allows them to feel confident that their children are receiving high quality educations from respectable teachers. In 2013, the school board for public charter school in D.C. voted to allow Rocketship to build more schools in that area.