Where will your education lead you? Insights from Vijay Eswaran

As the world changes and technology advances, higher education becomes of greater importance and relevance to keep up with market demands and to increase one’s career potential.

However, does higher education mean a guaranteed job and security for lifetime? QI group executive chairman Datuk Seri Vijay Eswaran would say “it depends”.

Vijay Eswaran promotes higher learning but encourages students to focus on becoming independent and focus on creating jobs rather than seeking jobs.

At a student forum held at Universiti Malaya, he said that as the world changes, conservative thinking is strapping students into a job mindset rather than an entrepreneurial spirit. He encouraged students to weigh the pros and cons of working at a smaller start-up vs. corporate jobs.

His view is that a job should really be based on not only one’s qualifications to perform the duties but also future goals, preferences, personality and career needs.

Vijay himself worked for a startup and contrasted the difference between the environment he experienced there versus one at a corporate environment.

Commenting on the differences between start-ups and corporate work environments, he pointed out that start-ups offer a more visionary, free communication and fast paced work culture versus the routine, slow paced and methodical process oriented corporate cultures. On start-ups, he said “You come up with the idea and you see it through right till the end”. Read more: Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group of Companies

He said on his own experience, that a startup offers a greater opportunity to be a leader and a team member. He said neither is better than the other and each provides a different outlook and experience in terms of going from a small business to a large one.

These opportunities should be carefully considered based on personal preferences. So, next time you are in search of a job, think back to the words of Vijay Eswaran to aid you in your decision.

Stream Energy Making Life Better

Stream Energy is a privately held company founded in the year 2004 in Dallas, United States. The firm provides wireless, energy and home services to its customers. Its founders were Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki after a self-regulation market of electricity in Texas. The company was given the go-ahead as a retail provider of power by the utilities public commission of Texas on the 21st of January 2005. It started its marketing and service provided in Texas and later expanded to other states like New Jersey, New York, and Washington.

Stream energy has helped keep customers all connected by providing; wireless, protective, home and power services hence making life more comfortable. Stream Energy teamed up with its separate brand of multi-level marketing branch into stream brand in the year 2014. After merging stream energy was able to earn commissions from both recruiting new sales partners and selling to customers. The firm’s board of managers selected and announced Larry Mondry as the new chief executive officer and president of stream energy in 2016. Follow Stream Energy on Twitter.

We all have at some point been caught by surprise of high bills of energy and more often than not ask or try to solve the menace. It is effortless and manageable and saves more money spent in paying the bills. While using electrical appliances, always plug out your device from the energy source since even if it’s not in use the machine still use some energy, it is wise and advisable ever to switch off to cut and save substantial electricity bills. For example, plug out a computer from the socket when fully charged, a printer when not in use. Watch this video on youtube.com.

Most people leave the lights on unnecessary during the night or daytime. To enable cut down the unnecessary cost always keep the lights on when needed. This trend saves your money, and in the long run, one saves vast amounts which can be channeled to other productive enterprises to generate new income. Stream energy also offers affordable wireless, energy and natural gas prices that suit your budget.

View: https://www.puc.texas.gov/industry/electric/directories/rep/report_rep.aspx?ID=ELSQL01DB1245339200001

The American Institute of Architects Believes in Architecture

The American Institute of Architects is a renowned professional organization that calls Washington, D.C. its home. It’s been a force in the architectural world since its creation in 1857. 13 people were the masterminds behind the American Institute of Architects. All of these people were architects themselves, too. The group included Jacob Wrey Mould, Richard M. Upjohn, Henry W. Cleaveland and Fred A. Petersen.

This organization is undoubtedly a large one. Its membership at the moment consists of 90,000 plus architects, many of whom have licensing. It doesn’t consist solely of architects, either. It has quite a few associated professionals as well. Membership tiers that are part of the American Institute of Architects are architect, associate, international associate, emeritus and, finally, allied categories. “Architect” members are licensed within the United States. “Allied” members, on the other hand, are people who have jobs that are part of the design and building fields. People who have Allied membership status frequently include planners, landscape architects and engineers.

Although the American Institute of Architects clearly has the word “American” in its name, its scope is far from restricted to just the United States. The sizable professional group actually has a substantial presence all over the planet. It, amazingly enough, has more than 260 different international chapters. Its global chapters are in diverse locations such as Japan, Hong Kong, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Paris, France, London, United Kingdom and Micronesia.

This organization is equipped with many partners that assist its members day in and day out via various available services, products and general resources. Its many partners include prominent names such as Andersen Windows, Zurn Engineered Water Solutions, Owens Corning, reThink Wood, Benjamin Moore and Hanley Wood.


The American Institute of Architects has many strong values that it shares with all of its members on a frequent basis. This organization believes in architecture that has the ability to make communities more powerful. It believes in a future that’s totally sustainable. This is a group that does everything it can to treat the environment with care and love. The organization believes in both human and equity rights. It believes in promoting economic opportunities of all kinds. It even believes in defending cities and towns that are subject to the dangers of potential climate change.

Architects who are looking to learn more about their professions often turn to this group. This group works hard to boost the field.http://www.architectmagazine.com/aia-american-institute-of-architects/

Mike Baur Has Made A Mark In The World Of Startups

Mike Baur has an experience of nearly 20 years in the field of Swiss Private Banking. He started his career at UBS as a commercial apprentice. He moved his way up and became an executive board member at a large Swiss Private Bank. He started his entrepreneurial journey in 2014 at the age of 39. He started by founding a company named Think Reloaded. This was a strategic advisory firm for the wealthy. Mike Baur is an important figure in Switzerland in the startup world.


This is why he has been featured in an article in the Wall Street Journal in 2016. This details his career journey. His passion for Swiss entrepreneurship is displayed through several Swiss digital start-ups in which he is an investor as well as a board member. It was in 2015 that Mike Baur along with two partners founded the Swiss Startup Factory that is located in Zurich, Switzerland.


Mike Baur has done his MBA from the University of Rochester New York. He holds a degree in Executive MBA from the University of Berne. He is happily married and the father of two kids.


He got the idea for Swiss Startup Factory from the experience that he gained as a startup investor. This was when he decided to create a platform for business execution platform for the various startup teams in Switzerland in order to boost their so that they can move on to their next level. He wanted to provide them with coaching modules besides providing them with a tough experience driven by execution.


At this time many people in the country dissuaded Mike Baur since Switzerland already offers several governmental support programs for all these startups. Still, Mike Baur was convinced and wanted to continue with his idea!


He believes in start-up acceleration. His schedule of the day is based on the needs of the startups with which he is working. He likes to get up early so that he is able to answer all his emails before the day starts. This allows him to focus on working with people the whole day as there is no need to sit behind a laptop to answer emails. He likes to interact with people in person. Since there is a lot of work while dealing with startups, he tries to focus on the important topics only in order to make it as productive as he possibly can.


George Soros Sets up to be Trump’s Greatest Obstacle

George Soros is one of the most giving philanthropists on the planet, full stop. That is a position that most billionaires don’t actively try to find themselves in because they are entrenched within the confines of capitalism. However, as a renowned progressive and someone who believes in power for the people, George Soros has routinely put his money where his mouth is. George Soros is the founder of the Soros Hedge Fund and the philanthropic branch of his wealth, the Open Society Foundations. George Soros and the OSF have worked hand in hand in order to make the world a better place. Now they are going to be doing it on the highest profile imaginable: the American political scene.

George Soros returned to politics with abandon in 2016 as he broke out of his minor hiatus. Soros had been working largely with the Open Society Foundations in order to help steer local politics into the right direction for a more democratic, open, and inclusive United States. However, the prominent rise of flamethrowing nominee Donald Trump made George Soros’ return all but inevitable. Soros knew first hand the danger that a violent nationalist can have on the people in his country and the world at large and he could not sit idly by and let it happen.

So, George Soros knew that he had one move he could make and one only: come out and support progressive candidates. As a lifelong progressive, born in Hungary and educated in London, Soros was more than willing to come on board with the progressive ticket. Soros would jump in and donate a cool $25 million to both Hillary Clinton and progressive PACs up and down the ticket. His goal was simple: to put blockades in place to prevent Donald Trump from elbowing his way to an easy election night win. Soros invested heavily into immigrant rights groups, equality PACs, and progressive groups.

George Soros was born in Hungary and raised in a loving family. However, everything went sideways when the Nazi occupation began in 1944 and lasted until 1945. During that time period of Soros and his family would do everything they could in order to help Hungarian Jews escape the country. Though Soros and his family were successful to a degree but they were eventually forced to flee and find their own way to emigrate into London. In London Soros would begin his studies at the London School of Economics where he would learn much of the philosophy that has become his foundation later in life.Now, George Soros and the Open Society Foundation are on center stage in the fight against the rise of Trump’s dangerous rhetoric. Hopefully Soros can become more successful than Hillary Clinton was in 2016.

Michael Lacey an the Math Universe

As a mathematician, Michael Lacey has learned all of the things that he needs to know to make things better for himself and for other people who are studying math. He knows a lot about math and has tried his hardest to make sure that he is doing things the right way when it comes to math.

There have been many different situations that Michael Lacey has learned about and he knows that he will continue to be able to learn if he can help himself and other people who are in similar situations. Michael Lacey also knows that these things can make a difference no matter what is going on in his career and with the people who he has worked with.

For Michael Lacey to be able to do this, he had to make sure that he was studying everything the right way. Along with traditional math practices that he participated in, Michael Lacey also did his best to come up with new theorems and make math easier for everyone who was trying to make it better.

Michael Lacey knew that he would be able to try different things and that he could truly make a difference no matter what was going on in the area that he was in.

Since math is not something that everyone is able to understand, Michael Lacey wanted to make sure that he was doing what he could to help other people have an understanding of math and the way that it works. Learn more about Micheal Lacey: https://angel.co/michael-lacey-3 and https://michael-lacey.com/about/

He also wanted to give his advice so that people would be better aware of the options that he had while he was teaching them. This was something that Michael Lacey was dedicated to and something that he continues to see as his goal because of the way that he is able to help people.

For the people who are learning more about the things that Michael Lacey is able to do, there are many different options and many different things that he is able to do to bring attention to the industry that he is a part of.

Michael Lacey knows that things will continue to get better for those who are studying math and for those who are working toward a better experience when it comes to the math sector of their learning experience. He also knows that things will continue to grow no matter what is going on in the industry.

Michael Lacey helps people and tries to make sure that he is doing things the right way. He also helps to show people that they are missing out on different things in math so that they will be able to show them what they are doing.

Michael Lacey is confident in the skills that he has and has always been doing things that he can to make everything better for his students and for those who are studying math underneath him in the area that he works in and the area that he is confident with.

Read more:

Michael Lacey | About.me
Mike Lacey | Crunchbase

How Bruno Fagali Deals With Legal Issues In Business

As the time goes, more and more Brazilians are starting to understand their rights under the law. While this is a good thing for the society in general, it also means that the mistakes that were previously overlooked in business and even in personal relationships are landing more and more people in Jail.

It is this litigious nature of the Brazilian society which has made it essential for everyone to have a competent lawyer working with them. Below are some of the issues that Bruno Fagali, one of the most skilled business lawyers in the country, handles.

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The proper creation and wording of legal documents that are essential when establishing business relationships are one of the services you will receive from Bruno Fagali. Before you enter into any contractual agreement with another person or business entity, Bruno Fagali will help you draw the business contracts and word them in a manner that protects your business interests. In case you have received contracts from another party, Bruno Fagali will help you interpret the meaning of the contract before you sign to avoid getting you into trouble. He will make sure that all the papers related to your business transactions are available when needed and that you aren’t being misled into partnerships that could potentially ruin your business.

The other case scenario that Bruno can be of great help is when there are issues related to tax returns or fraud allegations. He will help you carry out legal and financial audits in the company and in case the complainants have taken the issue to court, Bruno Fagali will represent and defend you in front of the judge and jury. He will make sure that your business is operating legally and give you warnings in cases where he feels that you could get into trouble with the law. Contact him for all your legal business solutions.

Learn more about Bruno Fagali: https://www.terra.com.br/noticias/dino/novo-anexo-do-codigo-de-autorregulamentacao-reforca-regras-para-campanhas-de-internet-movel-com-bruno-fagali,579e026b295a206bc45ffe2f35b37c01artj6ety.html

Sam Boraie’s Stunning Success

Sam Boraie and his family’s prosperous real estate development company operate out of New Jersey, leading many booming development initiatives in New Brunswick and the surrounding area. Boraie Development has become a pillar of the New Brunswick community and helped with much of the urban development that has brought a flush of life into the community. Boraie Development’s president and patriarch, Sam’s father, created the company with a vision of cleaning up the inner-city’s slums characterized by high levels of crime. The company is now primarily managed by Sam, the family’s spokesperson. To say that the original vision of the company has been a success may be an understatement, with unprecedented prosperity in the area.

While Boraie Development is based in New Brunswick, they also work on projects in Newark and Atlantic City that find adoring supporters in the New Jersey community, Sam Boraie has attracted prominent development collaborations. Shaquille O’Neil sought the company’s talents when he decided to bring to Newark his vision of the One Riverview Building, an apartment building the likes of which the community has not constructed in over fifty years, meant to bring more affordable living options in the area. The project promises to attract young millennials that work in New York City but can’t afford the high costs of living near work.

Another prominent residential project also spearheaded by the visionary is a project in Atlantic City, that aims to rejuvenate the community from of an extended market slump. His efforts go beyond strategically building luxury condos, he has been the brains behind the development of several inner-city building projects. These sorts of developments seek to soothe the aches of sky high rents by providing affordable and quality housing in areas that need relief.

Sam Boraie has established himself as more than the head of a successful real estate company, devoting both his money and energy to his projects and the community. He is on the advisory board and is a major donor for nonprofit Elijah’s Promise, whose proceeds go toward feeding the hungry. Also, a patron of the arts, Sam is on the Board of Trustees for the historical State Theater in New Brunswick. The theater is another feature of the city that received a face lift from the Boraie Company. The venue was made into a vibrant performance arts destination, with more than 5 million people having attending performances there since 1988. Sam Boraie and the works of his company have forever changed the landscape of New Jersey, bringing forth a new age of well-being and security.


Plan for Peace of Mind & Use George Street Photo and Video for Your Wedding

For engaged couples planning their big day, George Street Photo and Video is a dream wedding photographer/videographer. They go above and beyond to handle all aspects of the job, while also dedicating abundant time with the happy couple to consult on their unique vision for their special day. George Street Photo and Video’s photographers are known for being passionate about their artistry and their professionalism.


George Street Photo and Video has several locations across the U.S., including in Chicago and New York.


Chicago in the summer or fall is a wonderful and romantic place to tie the knot, with a charming mix of old and new styles, tastes and sights.


It does take a certain chutzpah to pull off a wedding in NYC, with the nearly unlimited options and hefty price tag of it all. But a fairytale wedding needs to be documented and remembered, after all, and George Street Photo and Video is always there for couples to do just that.

Applying The Midas Legacy to Your Financial Portfolio

Winter Garden, Florida, may sound like a sleepy little town existing south of the Canadian Border, in a little corner of the United States, but located in this spot of the world is where The Midas Legacy resides.

Pumped out over the airwaves is a free commentary referring to the daily stock market detailed in a way even a novice just entering the financial world can understand. Explained in detail is how investing and trading works and how it is applied to your financial future. You will learn how to build a retirement that will provide you with the brick and mortar you need to retire comfortably. Listening to the daily commentary provides the listener with the latest advice about your financial wallet and receiving this information from the trading and investing experts themselves. Straight from the expert’s lips to your ears.

Amazingly, whether the market is up, down, or on the rise, someone, somewhere, somehow is profiting from the fluctuation. Listening to this commentary is the how and why you should be part of the winning platform.

The experts referred to are:Jim SamsonSean BowerMark Edwards
• Jim Samson, Publisher. A successful trader, entrepreneurship, and author.
• Sean Bower, Chief Editor. Journalist, financial expert, sound predictor of the market.
• Mark Edwards, The “health” expert providing truths about common foods and new found health practices information source.

The Midas Legacy is not a financial firm who manages your money, but a firm who provides you with the information you need to manage your own stock portfolio, where and how to invest, the in’s and out’s of insider trading, and how investing works. You manage your money, and you receive the information advice from the experts.

In addition to their daily commentary, the experts offer three products on a monthly basis:
The Money MentorStock Code BreakerStock Raider
• The Money Mentor – A newsletter distributed the first week of each month to subscribers.
• Stock Code Breaker – Instructing subscribers on both the bull and bear markets.
• Stock Raider – A course designed for complete exposure of Wall Street.

The Midas Legacy Code Breaker course teaches its followers how to make winning investments through a little known secret hidden in the market pattern. Unlocking Wall Street’s secrets that have been kept hidden for decades could move your retirement into a reality sooner, rather than later.