A Demographic Analysis Of The Investment Banking Industry And It’s Operations.

Recently, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission abbreviated as EEOC did an in-depth analysis of the demographics of the investment banking industry. This analysis established that in the investment banking has made good process in minority consideration. The analysis established that majority of the employees in this industry are white and male. Besides this, the industry has put good emphasis on minority representation as it has a good number of women and other non-white races in it. On top of this, this minority representation goes as far as in the executive positions in management where you can easily find women and other non-white races. Currently, over 40% of the industry’s total workforce is made up of minority groups. Minority representation has also increased on the technical level and sales representative levels. From the analysis, the investment banking sector is one of the best performing industries in terms of national integration.

After the 2008 global crisis, operations in the investment banking industry became more technical. This industry evolved its operations perspective after this crisis. As most of the investors who had suffered from the crisis started looking for alternative investment opportunities, the industry fast adapted to this. The industry also expanded its services to cover the personalized needs of its clients. Currently, most investment banking firms offer all of the investment banking services. This move has helped this firms be able to provide full services to their clients in terms of investment. The investment banking firms also currently take customer satisfaction more seriously. These firms look for well qualified and skilled professionals to support this agenda.

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