U.S. Money Reserve Is Offering A Precious Metals IRA Program To Investors

In 2016, the U.S. Stock Market got off to the weakest start in years. Investors left the stock market because of uncertain economic conditions, and some of those investors aren’t coming back.

The president of U.S. Money Reserve, Philip Diehl, believes he knows why investors are looking for other investment vehicles. Diehl thinks the world is entering another major recession and investors are buying gold and silver again. Diehl said that’s what happens when the stock market becomes see-saws. One minute stocks are gaining and the next, they are losing value.

Philip Diehl knows what he’s talking about. Diehl has been involved in the precious metal business for years. He was the director of the U.S. Mint, and he is the man responsible for putting the 50-state quarter program in place.

Diehl has also been involved with the U.S. Treasury and the Senate Finance Committee before becoming president of U.S. Money Reserve. U.S. Money Reserve is considered one of the largest distributors of government issued coins in the United States.

When Diehl recently announced that the company is offering a precious metal IRA program to investors during an Enterprise Radio interview, the response to that interview was immediate. CBS19.com published the complete interview. In that article, Diehl talked about his role at U.S. Money Reserve and the fact that the gold, silver and platinum coins market is on fire.

Gold, silver, and platinum coins never really go out of fashion according to Mr., Diehl. Gold, silver, and platinum coins are not connected to government policies and are not affected by economic downturns.

But when the economy does show signs of slowing down and the stock market starts to drop, investors always turned to gold and silver. The rush toward precious metals in weak economic times has been going on for centuries, according to Diehl.

U.S. Money Reserve hasn’t always been known as the go-to place for government coins, but that changed when Diehl came on board. Diehl focused on customer service and his marketing plan was rooted in educating as well as servicing his clients.

Today, U.S. Money Reserve has one of the most knowledgeable customer service departments in the business. The new precious metal IRA program is a product of the Diehl’s creativity and understanding of the coin market.  Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/u-s-money-reserve and https://www.ispot.tv/brands/Iyt/us-money-reserve

Coin collecting has been a hobby for years, but collecting coins is more than a hobby these days. Coin collecting is a viable way to increase wealth. The price of gold and silver are on the move again, and Philip Diehl thinks prices will continue to increase as the economy softens.

Some investors think gold and silver prices will reach new heights in 2016, and U.S. Money Reserve is ready to help those investors find the right coins for their portfolios.

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The Reinvention of Darius Fisher’s Company

Darius Fisher and his company “Status Labs” suffered a slight decline following negative press implemented by the actions of a former executive of his. Status Labs, a firm which specializes in crisis and online reputation, was now on the short end of the stick. They had to pick themselves up again and find better ways to revamp their company again and to relate better with their clients.  By getting rid of the executive who put this negative heat on them, and showing the media what they had done, they were in a better position to show a more human side to their company and that all of this hatred was taken completely out of context by one bad apples actions. They also took to charities and nonprofit organizations to show the public they were all about helping others and relating to the public. And since their employees mattered the most to them, the people at “Status Labs” created a stock option plan that granted employees equity into their business. Other office improvements included lunch catering every Friday, bringing your pet to work, and even leisurely events such as kayaking on the lake.

Darius Fisher, who is the president and co-founder of “Status Labs,” has had great success with expanding his firms with offices in Austin, New York, and Sao Paulo. His company oversees an incredible 1,500 clients in 35 countries which is comprised mostly of CEO’s, athletes, politicians, and other public figures. Fishers creative mind is responsible for forging the tactical vision of the company, which includes partnerships with various agencies and their sales and account management teams.

When he wasn’t off conducting online reputation management, digital marketing, and public relations, Darius Fisher was busy being a political consultant and copywriter as a graduate of Vanderbilt University with a degree in Economics. And in his spare time, he’s an investor of countless real estate projects who loves to travel across the world. Follow him on Twitter @fisherdarius for more news and information.

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