The Bridging of Business Gaps

Billy McFarland, an entrepreneurial genius currently working on ways to innovate methods of discounted prices within the business and consumer world, has developed a new product that everyone can enjoy. The product is a metal card, that acts in the same way as a credit card, and is used to pay for services rendered on site.

The program, called Magnises, is not only a way for customers to save a lot of money but can also be seen as a social network, allowing individuals who are members of the program to share information with one another and therefore bridge companies.

The card is linked to a bank account that the member owns personally, and whenever a charge is placed onto the card the discount is automatically deducted from the overall price.

Most discounted services are common business meeting designations, such as bars, restaurants in other areas where business deals are usually made.

Business is a heavy focal point of Magnises, and it should be important to note that Billy McFarland has probably generated this social network with that in mind.

Discounted rates on meeting locations mean that businesses can save a lot of potential money, making it easier for them to set up more regular business meetings.

No longer do corporations have to worry about the high price of a single meeting when the same amount of money can be used on two or three meetings instead.

This will not only help business growth, but it will also potentially boost the economy, with consumers spending more money and businesses making more connections in order to produce more products.

In his quest to create the perfect consumer market, Billy has in essence created a productive way for companies to grow exponentially. His work should not be ignored and anyone who is involved in business or trade should definitely take a look at the Megnises program as a way to not only boost sales but to also build rapport with clients and potential business partners