Recreation to Business

Billy McFarland is a name that is new to the business world. He is only twenty three years old but has already accomplished so much in the form of ingenious levels of innovation. McFarland’s contribution to the business industry is a product that was never meant for business use at all. The program is called Magnesis, and offers heavily discounted rates on such costly endeavors as amusement parks, concerts, bars and restaurants.

While these discounts are useful for the average everyday recreationalist it is a hidden gem to the business world and one that should not be overlooked by business minded individuals.

Magnesis holds a vast level of potential for companies and their salespeople, and it allows discounted rates on popular business meeting choices. One of the highest costs to any corporation are those that are not guaranteed. Business meetings are designed to attract potential deals and business transactions, but are never a guarantee by any means.

Through Magnesis it is possible for sales people to save enough money on a single meeting area so that that same money can be divided among multiple business meetings at different locations. The way that Magnesis works is simple and easy for anyone to accomplish.

Members to the program are given a metal card that acts in much the same way as a credit card. This card is then attached to a member’s bank account and when a charge is placed on it the discounted amount is removed before the overall price is removed for payment.

Billy McFarland has provided to the United States, and possibly the world, a new and innovated way to save a large sum of capital in order to better run businesses.

If more businesses were to integrate this program in to their business model than more money would be able to be saved and the economy can once again prosper and develop as a result. According to Crunchbase, For this reason Billy McFarland has generated a future where American industry can once again become great.