The Many Colors Of Doe Deere

Color is an integral part of how people today see the world. Many people like to surround themselves in lush colors of every sort from intense orange hues to soft pinks to blues that call to mind the depths of the sea. It is with this idea in mind that business woman and colorist Doe Deere has stepped forward into the spotlight. Deere is someone who truly enjoys being surrounded by color at every single turn. She delights in the very idea of being able to tap into a color palette that includes every possible hue on the color spectrum visible to our eyes.

Bringing Makeup To Life

As part of her passion for color, Deere started an online makeup company. Lime Crime is her own personal baby. In an article for Galore Magazine, Deere talks to her customers about her own background, her love of all colors and her desire to help bring such color to other people via the products she sells via her online store. In the article, Deere delves deeply into her own color sense, reminding the reader that she began to love and adore color when she was only a child. She knows this is very much the way many of her readers have felt when they wish to bring color into their own lives. Like her fellow buyers, she wants the world to have as much color in it as possible and thus have as much life and drama there. Her own business continues to reflect this passion. She is always on the lookout for new make possibilities that might be right for her buyers in any way.

Love Of Business

While Deere is an artist in her own way, she’s also a business person as well. She has done much to start a business that she knows is perfect for the needs of today’s very busy woman. Her aim in doing so is twofold. She wants to bring her fans access to the kind of products she likes. She also wants to help use her business to earn a living and enable her to continue to explore her own artistic talents. Fortunately for her fan base, she has been able to enjoy success in both fields. This is why she is so sought after as a speaker and as someone who can directly appeal to the needs of today’s many business cosmetics consumers.

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