A Father’s Journey through Autism

Autism is a serious illness that many people today stand by, even to the point of donating and setting up their own campaign. Sanjay Shah, a man who’s son was diagnosed in 2011 with Autism, came up with a campaign that would soon change the world. He had a heart for researching all that he could for autism as his inspiration came from his son. It wasn’t like any other way of starting up their very own campaign, the most famous rapper Snoop Dogg came to their door and asked to be a part of his Autism research, answering in disbelief Sanjay agreed to let Snoop Dogg do stage gigs supporting his cause for the autism research. Having Snoop Dogg ask to be a part of this research he became inspired by the rapper to get back into the music world starting up the “Autism Rocks” campaign. Not only has Sanjay Shah met Snoop Dogg, he has performed with Lenny Kravitz, Prince, and Elvis Costello all gathering up 15 million to the research. Quite amazing you might say by a man who’s inspiration comes from his very own son. Not only has he sponsored many famous artist he has also been sponsoring kids in India, his inspiration from his son has migrated from place to place to ensure the help to other kids around the world. Through Sanjay Shah’s own talents in being a DJ for nightclubs, he began to open up his talent to raise money for the research. Blended, a jazz festival is where he made his first million to his research and that jump started his way into turning not only his music into business but also into a campaign for his son and the lives of children all around the world that is diagnosed with Autism.  Find Sanjay on Facebook for more news and information.