The American Institute of Architects Believes in Architecture

The American Institute of Architects is a renowned professional organization that calls Washington, D.C. its home. It’s been a force in the architectural world since its creation in 1857. 13 people were the masterminds behind the American Institute of Architects. All of these people were architects themselves, too. The group included Jacob Wrey Mould, Richard M. Upjohn, Henry W. Cleaveland and Fred A. Petersen.

This organization is undoubtedly a large one. Its membership at the moment consists of 90,000 plus architects, many of whom have licensing. It doesn’t consist solely of architects, either. It has quite a few associated professionals as well. Membership tiers that are part of the American Institute of Architects are architect, associate, international associate, emeritus and, finally, allied categories. “Architect” members are licensed within the United States. “Allied” members, on the other hand, are people who have jobs that are part of the design and building fields. People who have Allied membership status frequently include planners, landscape architects and engineers.

Although the American Institute of Architects clearly has the word “American” in its name, its scope is far from restricted to just the United States. The sizable professional group actually has a substantial presence all over the planet. It, amazingly enough, has more than 260 different international chapters. Its global chapters are in diverse locations such as Japan, Hong Kong, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Paris, France, London, United Kingdom and Micronesia.

This organization is equipped with many partners that assist its members day in and day out via various available services, products and general resources. Its many partners include prominent names such as Andersen Windows, Zurn Engineered Water Solutions, Owens Corning, reThink Wood, Benjamin Moore and Hanley Wood.


The American Institute of Architects has many strong values that it shares with all of its members on a frequent basis. This organization believes in architecture that has the ability to make communities more powerful. It believes in a future that’s totally sustainable. This is a group that does everything it can to treat the environment with care and love. The organization believes in both human and equity rights. It believes in promoting economic opportunities of all kinds. It even believes in defending cities and towns that are subject to the dangers of potential climate change.

Architects who are looking to learn more about their professions often turn to this group. This group works hard to boost the field.