Brief Guide To Fagali’I And Fagali’I Airport

If you’ve never been to Fagali’I, then you should consider going there. The chances are if you do go, you’ll fly into Fagali’I Airport. Here is a brief guide about Fagali’I and the Fagali’I Airport.

Fagali’I Airport

The airport is located in Apia, the capital of Samoa. Its IATA Code is FGI, while it’s ICAO Code is NSFI. At one point in time the airport was owned by Polynesian Airlines. Today, Fagali’I Airport is operated by the Samoa Airport Authority.

Closing And Reopening

The airport was eventually de-commissioned in 2005, but in 2009 it was reopened. The reason why the airport closed in the first place was due to village concerns over noise and safety. Read more on about Fagali Airport.

Airlines And Destinations

Throughout the years there’s been a number of airlines that have operated from the airport. These airlines include Samoa Air, Talofa, Polynesian Airlines and South Pacific Island Airways. Today, Talofa and Samoa Airways operate from there. The destinations they fly to are Pago Pago and Tonga.

Village Of Fagali’I

As for Fagali’I, it is a village that bears the same name as the airport, which is located adjacent. The village, which is also in Apia, is home to approximately 1,500 people.

Hotels In The Area

There are a number of hotels located near both the airport and the village. These hotels include Insel Fehmarn Hotel, Taumeasina Island Resort and Tanoa Tusitala Hotel to name a few. As for how much it costs to stay at those hotels and the other hotels in the area, this depends on various factors. Generally speaking, accommodation is affordable.

The next time you take a trip to Samoa, make sure you visit both the village of Fagali’I and the Fagali’I Airport. As previously mentioned, if you go to the village, you’ll probably fly into Fagali’l Airport or fly out of it when you leave Samoa.

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