A Glass Of Wine And A Payday To Boot!

Just about everyone enjoys a glass of wine now and then. Whether you like a dry wine with dinner or a sweet wine to relax after a long day, wine is the drink of choice for millions of people every day.

If you enjoy a great glass of chilled wine or a glass of room temperature wine, why not make some money drinking it? There is a way to enjoy a glass of wine and have your friends over for a party, and get paid for it!

Wine is a great tasting beverage with dinners and snacks, and Traveling Vineyard knows this. You can make money with Traveling Vineyard wines and have a good time doing it.
How does it work? You host a party and invite your friends and family to enjoy a wine-tasting event with you.

Traveling Vineyard will appoint a representative to come with you and introduce the wines to you and your guests. Before the party, however, they will supply you with party invitations, wine to taste, snacks to go with the wines, and yes, even order forms so that you can take orders for the wines that are presented at your party.

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You can become a representative or wine guide when you ask one of your friends to host a wine-tasting party. They can invite any number of friends. You will meet new friends and new potential customers at this event, and likely some from your first party can be invited as well. You can take re-orders any time with your older customers. You business will grow from there.

It is true that, according to studies, 80% of all wine sales are impulse buys. That means that people buy wine on a impulse, rather than planning on it. Think of the possibilities when they know that they are there to taste and purchase wines!

Try Traveling Vineyard and see what they have to offer!

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