A Brief Look at the Career Profile of Adam Milstein

Mr. Milstein is a real estate developer, philanthropist, and community leader. His philanthropic work at the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation is to strengthen the Jewish People and the State of Israel. Upon graduating from the Technion in 1978, Milstein joined the IDF during the Yom Kippur War. He earned his USC and an MBA in Entrepreneurship shortly after arriving in the United States in 1981. Here, Adam Milstein embarked on a career in real estate working at a Southern California-based commercial real estate investor. He is currently a managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties, a real estate firm with several squares of industrial and commercial real estate under management throughout the United States.

Besides his role as the co-founder of the Israeli-American Council, Milstein serves on the boards of Jewish Funders Network, Birthright Israel, AIPAC National Council, and StandWithUs. Adam and his wife, Gila, live in Encino, California with their three children and grandchildren.


Mr. Milstein joined forces with his wife, Gila, to start Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in 2000. It is a humanitarian organization that sponsors education for Israeli young professionals and students to connect with the State of Israel, identify with their Jewish roots, and ignite with their Jewish pride. These teachings provide them with facts to advocate for the Jewish people and connect with the State of Israel. He currently serves as the National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council, the leading Jewish organization in the United States.

In June 2015, Milstein teamed up with Haim Saban and Sheldon Adelson to organize the inaugural Campus Maccabees summit. Their event brought together over 50 organizations to mobilize the pro-Israel community to defeat groups spreading lies and anti-Semitism about Jewish living in the United States. Mr. Milstein ranked as one of the top 25 Twitter activists and one of the top 100 influential Jewish. Mr. Milstein recently launched a podcast featuring conversations with activists and policymakers advocating for the pro-Israel and Jewish-American communities. Through Sifriyat Pijama B’America, Adam provides free books in Hebrew to Israeli-Jewish-American families in the United States and more


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