Vijay Eswaran Champions Forward Movement

As children, we are often asked what we want to do when we grow up, and very seldom do we actually know the answer with certainty.

In Asia, children often want to grow up to be doctors, engineers, and lawyers because they are conditioned to believe that these careers are the surest pathways to success. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: and

Unfortunately, as a result of this, many children will begin to give up on their own interests and talents and as a society, we lose the next great musicians, or artists, and perhaps marine biologists. When a person develops a passion for a particular occupation, something internal begins to develop and blossom.

In order to find out your purpose in life, it is important to continue seeking that pathway, as life continues to grow through progress and forward movement. The mental shackles that we develop in our lifetimes are possibly the biggest prohibitions that we encounter on our journeys.

Throughout our lifetimes, we become programmed to follow particular sets of norms implemented by culture and society, but this can often time become a sort of blinder to new experiences that may transform our lives. Read more: Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group of Companies

As humans, we are designed to move forward in every sense of the word. Even when you consider our physical bodies as human beings, we tend to lose our balance and our perception of the world can become distorted by moving backward. We often tend to regress to the past because it is familiar, but discovering our life purpose will propel us toward the future that we desire.

When looking to the future, it is imperative that you maintain sight of the happenings around you. While having tunnel vision is important to create focus when attempting to achieve a goal, keeping the blinders on that accompany tunnel vision can often cause you to miss out on the actions around you.

This can lead to many missed opportunities. It is important to utilize tunnel vision only at the proper times, specifically when goals are involved, but relying on this type of sight at all times can begin to inhibit your progress and growth because of the things that you will miss.

Fagali’i Airport and Samoan Travel

Fagali’i Airport is in the village of Fagali’i in Samoa. This is a Polynesian airport that’s relatively close to Apia. Apia is known by many for being the attractive and modern Samoan capital. As far as city size goes, it beats the rest in Samoa, too. People from all around the planet travel in and out of this international airport. It caters to people who need to get to Apia and beyond. It also tends to the travel needs of Samoans who are looking to go to different regions. Apia residents who wish to visit American Samoa frequently make use out of Fagali’i Airport. That’s largely due to the fact that the airport offers flights to Pago Pago. People who appreciate Polynesian Airlines and Samoan Air often go through Fagali’ Airport.

Finding flights that travel to Fagali’i Airport on the Internet isn’t at all difficult or time-consuming. There are quite a few websites that provide people with useful information regarding flights. The Internet can even be a helpful resource for people who are looking to find inexpensive flights to the airport. It can assist individuals who are trying to secure one way tickets to Fagali’i Airport. It can even assist those who are trying to find round-trip tickets. People can look for available flights to Fagali’i Airport based on a wide range of factors. They can use their desired departure and return dates, first and foremost. It can help immensely to be aware of origin airports, too.

Fagali’i Airport has been accommodating travel needs in Polynesia for many years now. Although the airport has been a reliable staple in Polynesia for a long time, it has closed for a couple of periods, too. The airport now, however, is back in full force and looks to remain that way. People who want to delve into the spirited and lively world of Samoa can travel to Fagali’i Airport with full enthusiasm. This airport can help people who want to explore all of the things Samoa and Apia have to give the world. Samoa has museums, natural beauty and a whole lot more.


The History of The Trabuco

The Trabuco is an ancient weapon that was used in war and during sieges to demolish and bring down stone walls, during the middle ages, the Trabuco was very successful, and it was among the standard war inventory every army had in their possession. Just like a catapult, the Trabuco could hurl projectiles behind enemy lines with fatal power. When used with experienced and skilled personnel, the Trabuco proved deadly and destructive hence its use to weaken regions behind enemy lines.

The conventional Trabuco is also referred to as the balancing Trabuco to distinguish it from the traction Trabuco. The design of both the balancing and traction Trabuco is minimal. However, it should be noted that the traction Trabuco was designed and used before the balancing Trabuco. What this means is that the balancing Trabuco is more of a modification of the balancing Trabuco. While in Brazil it is not rare to hear a shotgun or revolver being referred to as a Trabuco.

The design of the Trabuco has been derived from the old sling design that used a small piece of wood that was used to extend the weapon in use while at the same time providing a better lever system. The system was further improved thanks to the Chinese invention of the traction bolt. The addition of the traction bolt to the Trabuco’s design meant that individuals could pull the strings that were attached to the shorter arm of the lever which had a sling above the more extended arm

When gunpowder was invented, superior weapons were designed, and the Trabuco could no longer be used in fighting battles or even defending against invasion. Soon after the invention of gunpowder, the canon was invented too. The canon was so many times better than the Trabuco in its efficiency and destructive power. It is worth noting that in the attack of Burgos and the attack of Rhodes, the Trabuco and canons were used together. The last ever recorded military combat use of the Trabuco was recorded in the year 1521. The reason the Trabuco was used in 1521 was the insufficient supply of gunpowder.

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Fabletics Venture into the Fashion e-Commerce Market

Amazon is currently in control of 20% of the e-commerce market in the fashion world. This has made it difficult for other companies to succeed in the business. However, Fabletics has been able to succeed in the market and has grown into a $250 million business over the past three years. Fabletics is an online retailer business in the United States. It specializes in selling women’s footwear, sportswear, and accessories. The company just like Amazon uses the e-commerce business approach. It was founded in 2013 by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler. The company also has a men activewear line known as FL2 that was launched in 2015. The clothing firm has its headquarters in El Segundo, California.


Apart from using the e-commerce platform, Fabletics also uses a subscription method to sell clothing. In the past, the price and quality of good and services were the main aspects used in defining high-value brands. With the change in economic patterns, the combination is not applicable anymore. In place, factors like customer experience, exclusive design, brand recognition, gamification elements and last-mile services are now determining high-value brands for customers.


Fabletics membership model is as profitable as that of Apple and Warby Parker. The active-wear company will be expanding its operations and opening new stores in the future. It currently has only sixteen physical stores situated in Florida, California, Hawaii, and Illinois. The company success is owed to the fact that it developed a new modern form of high-value brand. Their membership comes in handy when providing personalized services and trending fashion to their customers at a price that is half of what their competitors charge.


Fabletics operates its physical stores in a manner that is completely different from that of their competitors. It uses the reverse showrooming method. The reverse method has enabled the company to build relationships with customers. The physical stores focus more on the people and their culture.


Kate Hudson is an American actress. She had a passion for active wear and turned it into an income generating enterprise. The actress became involved in the business from day one. Apart from being the co-founder of the clothing firm, Hudson also appears in the advertising of the brand’s women wear. Moreover, she also takes part in designing the sportswear and footwear. Kate Hudson also reformed the customer care department at the company to facilitate easy communication with customers. Kate has been committed to ensuring their customers have been served properly.