No More Sleep Apnea Problems Says Avi Weisfogel

Did you know that 90% of sleep apnea cases go undiagnosed each year? Yet the sad part is that this sleeping disorder is a major trigger for more serious problems like diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Luckily, a dental surgeon by the name Avi Weisfogel is changing this narrative.

Sleep apnea is a silent killer that often goes unnoticed until its destructive effects begin to manifest. Avi Weisfogel, a trained dental surgeon has dedicated his life to creating awareness about this medical condition stressing on the urgency of treating it in its early stages to prevent adverse symptoms.

Avi formed the organization Dental Sleep Masters where he leads a team of fellow doctors in diagnosing and treating those exhibiting symptoms of sleep apnea. Dental Sleep Masters is an umbrella of trained sleep and general physicians who organize sleep labs in different places to educate and treat patients suffering from sleep apnea. These physicians are also joined by dentists like Avi to provide further clinical support and to come up with treatment models that successfully diagnose and treat sleep disorders.

Besides leading this umbrella of dedicated physicians, Avi Weisfogel also dedicates a big part of his career in researching new treatment methods for sleep apnea. This research on advanced treatment procedures has led to the discovery of more user friendly techniques that eliminate the discomfort patients once suffered. The previous noisy disruptive machines and uncomfortable facial masks have been replaced by what is now called the THN Sleep Therapy system.

THM Sleep Therapy is already approved by the FDA, and clinical trials carried out already show it is a worthy replacement. Such technological advancements in medicine is part of what builds Avi’s passion to continue his campaign on sleep apnea. To him, it means that patients can now be more responsive to the campaigns with a willingness to be diagnosed and successfully cured from sleep apnea and its related conditions.

Avi Weisfogel also runs an active personal blog through which he continues to educate the masses on sleep apnea, the silent killer that often goes undetected. Avi is also an avid philanthropist and has contributed to many charitable organizations like Operation Smile.



Igor Cornelsen: Three Keys To Successful Investing

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian businessman and investment advisor. For decades he has been the man people interested in investing in Brazil have been told to consult. Cornelsen has helped countless people to make money in the often volatile Brazilian stock markets. His advice is so well respected that people in Brazil see him as a man that understands the machinations of the Brazilian markets on, economy and government. To many investors there is no better investment advisor than Cornelsen. He has even given investment advice to the large American fast food chain Burger King.

Part of the reason Igor Cornelsen is so adept at picking the right investment options in Brazil is because he spent decades working with some of the country’s top banks and businesses. He has also worked with the Brazilian government. This gave him unique insight into the way the local markets operate. He has also helped many companies to attract investments on and grow successfully. Plus he is very familiar with the Brazilian economy and how it works. This puts him in a position to accurately predict which companies will succeed and which ones will not.

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For people interested in investing in Brazil Cornelsen has three basic rules. He counsels then to invest for the long-term. He also recommends that they diversify their investments to hedge against losses. Igor Cornelsen also recommends investors develop relationships with local people so they can get a better understanding of the ebbs and flows of the Brazilian economy. This sage advice has helped many people to grow rich and get large dividends from their Brazilian investments year after year. That has helped to solidify the perception of Cornelsen as a Brazilian investment maven.

These days Igor Cornelsen is semi-retired and spending lots of time in South Florida playing golf. He still offers investment advice to a limited number of investors through his company Bainbridge Group Inc. Cornelsen is known for his experience and expertise in commodities, foreign exchange and many other types of investing. His firm at is known for helping people identify lucrative investment opportunities in a wide variety of international markets.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel: Treating Sleep Apnea With Dental Appliances

For many people with sleep apnea and other sleep problems Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a godsend. The dentist has spent almost two decades working on ways he can use dental appliances and other dental treatments to help people with sleep and breathing related problems. Dr. Weisfogel’s interest in the relationship began while he was at New York University School of Dentistry earning his DDS. In 1999 he founded the dental practice Old Bridge Dental Care. Through that dental practice he not only provided patients with superior dental services, he also helped many people suffering with sleep problems.

Dr. Weisfogel has reached out to dentists and physicians worldwide to show them how to coordinate their actions to benefit people with sleep apnea. He has also done decades of research on ways in which dental care can solve people’s sleep problems. Dr. Weisfogel also helps dentists and physicians to create and run sleep labs. His work has helped many people to find relief from their sleep issues. It has also helped many dentists to expand their practices by reaching out to people with sleep apnea and showing them how dental appliances and other dental solutions can help to give them relief.

Over the past 18 years Dr. Avi Weisfogel has created numerous organizations dedicated to helping people overcome sleep problems through innovative dental solutions. Those organizations include Dental Sleep Masters, Healthy Heart Sleep and Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient. Together they have helped to raise awareness of the relationship between dental services and sleep apnea and other sleep problems. Dr. Weisfogel has circled the globe speaking to dentists, physicians, sleep apnea patients and people from a wide range of industries to help them to work together to solve sleep issues.

Although making people aware of the link between dental services and treatment for sleep apnea and other issues has been challenging for Dr. Weisfogel. But he says he draws inspiration from the attention to detail and ingenuity of co-Apple founder Steve Jobs. Plus he remains passionate about using dental appliances and other dental services to improve the lives of people with sleep apnea.

How the CRMA has Transformed the Transportation Department

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, CTRMA is an independent company that improves the urban and rural roads in Travis and Williamson. The Mobility Authority relies on engineers and technicians to come up with several technological solutions to improve road safety and ease the traffic flow. The build-up of traffic in the intersections and toll stations can cause a lot of distress to the motorists. With the help of the mobile apps, the CTRMA can take advantage of the available infrastructure and services to deliver the best services to the road users.


Smart toll stations

The Mobility Authority helps the government to collect the funds through developing the smart toll stations. These toll stations ensure that the heave commercial vehicles have specific lanes to avoid congestion. These toll stations also ensure that the vehicles leave some free lanes to create an exit strategy in case the traffic jams develop. Another way to develop the smart roads is to install the requisite infrastructure such as the fiber optic cables along the roads. The engineers ensure that they lay the ducts properly in anticipation for the installation project.


Providing affordable solutions to the common problems

While the CTRMA does not have every solution to the problems that afflict the motorists, they do their best to make the roads safer and enable the traffic to flow smoothly. The CTRMA partners with several organizations to make this feat achievable. One of the key partners is the Texas Department of Transportation. Since the Texas Department of Transportation seeks to beat the traffic jams in the county, such collaboration will ensure that the dream to create a smart road does not become a nightmare.


Paying the toll charges while on the move

A system that allows the motorists to pay their toll charges in advance can also ease the congestion. The bottlenecks appear when the vehicles stop at the toll stations. Fortunately, ensuring that the vehicles go past the toll stations without stopping is a good idea.


Identifying the bottlenecks

While the CTRMA only deals with the commissioned roads, it also tries to identify the areas where traffic can start to build up whenever a problem occurs. Such culprits require special attention, and one of the proven interventions is to widen the roads. By increasing the lanes, the motorists can get plenty of alternative routes to get going again. Eliminating the bottlenecks is a sure way to ensure that the vehicular traffic goes smoothly.



Applying The Midas Legacy to Your Financial Portfolio

Winter Garden, Florida, may sound like a sleepy little town existing south of the Canadian Border, in a little corner of the United States, but located in this spot of the world is where The Midas Legacy resides.

Pumped out over the airwaves is a free commentary referring to the daily stock market detailed in a way even a novice just entering the financial world can understand. Explained in detail is how investing and trading works and how it is applied to your financial future. You will learn how to build a retirement that will provide you with the brick and mortar you need to retire comfortably. Listening to the daily commentary provides the listener with the latest advice about your financial wallet and receiving this information from the trading and investing experts themselves. Straight from the expert’s lips to your ears.

Amazingly, whether the market is up, down, or on the rise, someone, somewhere, somehow is profiting from the fluctuation. Listening to this commentary is the how and why you should be part of the winning platform.

The experts referred to are:Jim SamsonSean BowerMark Edwards
• Jim Samson, Publisher. A successful trader, entrepreneurship, and author.
• Sean Bower, Chief Editor. Journalist, financial expert, sound predictor of the market.
• Mark Edwards, The “health” expert providing truths about common foods and new found health practices information source.

The Midas Legacy is not a financial firm who manages your money, but a firm who provides you with the information you need to manage your own stock portfolio, where and how to invest, the in’s and out’s of insider trading, and how investing works. You manage your money, and you receive the information advice from the experts.

In addition to their daily commentary, the experts offer three products on a monthly basis:
The Money MentorStock Code BreakerStock Raider
• The Money Mentor – A newsletter distributed the first week of each month to subscribers.
• Stock Code Breaker – Instructing subscribers on both the bull and bear markets.
• Stock Raider – A course designed for complete exposure of Wall Street.

The Midas Legacy Code Breaker course teaches its followers how to make winning investments through a little known secret hidden in the market pattern. Unlocking Wall Street’s secrets that have been kept hidden for decades could move your retirement into a reality sooner, rather than later.

John Goullet Ensures His Business Staffs Only The Best People

There are quite a few people in the IT industry who trust John Goullet because they want to see their businesses staffed with the proper people. This article explains how John ensures his business is run properly, and there is a look at what he advises those in the business world to do. Everyone who wants to have a better experience in IT must approach John for assistance, and he will show them what is possible.

#1: How Does IT Staffing Work At Diversant?

John is the principal at Diversant, and he is ensuring every client is given the proper people to help meet their goals. The Diversant staff is quite large, and they provide customer service on a level that is better than any other firm in the industry. Someone who wishes to ensure their business is functioning properly may ask for help at any time.

#2: How Does John Manage Diversant?

Diversant is a company built on ideas, and the ideas are shared every day to ensure the company is growing. He wishes to meet with his staff often to help them bring their ideas to life, and he says that many of his companies best ideas started out in meetings of the group. John wishes to have as many meetings as possible, and he knows there are quite a few people who are in need of jobs that he may provide.

#3: He Knows How To Keep To A Proper Schedule

John keeps to a schedule that has him in and out of the office at a proper time. He knows how to help people keep to a schedule, and he does the same unless he is going to a dinner meeting. He wishes to see his employees come to the office at the proper time every day, and he allows them to go home when proper.

Everyone who is working for and with Diversant will find the company offers the best staffing options in the IT world. There are several different people who wish to find a new staff member, and others will enjoy working for John at Diversant.

Fabletics Gets into the Ring With Amazon

In the world of boxing there are winners and losers that travel very different paths. The winners like Muhammad Ali, Floyd Mayweather, and Mike Tyson go down in history as some of the greatest boxers in the history of the sport. The losers, by contrast, do not get their names etched in the minds of most boxing fans. They become forgotten because there are not highlight reels or television specials to celebrate anything that they have accomplished. This life of the loser in boxing, as in just about any sport, is the life of someone that is forgotten by the world. There have been a lot of clothing companies that have gone up against Amazon, and many of these companies have been knocked out of the ring. There is a new opponent that is ready to stand in the ring with Amazon, and this time the fight appears to be a fight to the finish for dominance in athletic clothing.


The company that is trying to sneak and steal the command lead that Amazon has in the industry is Fabletics. This company is more than capable of doing so because there it is face that is linked to brand. This face and personality is Kate Hudson. Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, has done a pretty good job of selling just about everything on Earth. He started with books – which still sell quite well on Amazon – to lure the initial crowd of readers. He expanded ever so nicely to include things like beauty products and movies. Bezos started giving users Amazon credits for used items and started selling used products. Bezos even started producing television shows. The company has expanded in almost every way that one could imagine. Clothes just seemed like another natural progression for the Amazon family of products that were already being sold.


Right now Amazon controls 20% of the entire clothing market according to Forbes magazine. Fabletics may not even have a controlling percentage of the market yet, but this company is averaging about $250 annually for sales. This is nothing to sneeze at when it comes to revenue. What Fabletics sounds like is a very formidable opponent. Amazon is so massive. It almost seems like Jeff Bezos doesn’t really have a huge worry about this company just yet. There should be worry, however, because Fabletics is becoming very dominant for a company that has been around for less than 7 years. This is the company that has spent a considerable amount of time expanding. Customers are seeing the benefits of going into the physical stores to shop and more of these stores are on the way.


Fabletics seems to be growing at a rate that no one many have anticipated. There were naysayers in the background trying to overlook the hard work that Kate Hudson has put in, but her fans stayed loyal. Hudson also stayed committed to building the brand. She has even been able to act and promote the brand successfully.