Doe Deere Creates New Makeup Color Revolution In Lime Crime Cosmetics


Pink lips, rosy blush, brown eye shadow, all appear in classic makeup palettes. It’s something we were used to for years, and it seemed like no one dared to challenge the beauty status quo, until Doe Deere came along.

The founder and CEO of Lime Crime cosmetics has re-defined what is beautiful and given young women and men the choice to go bright, bold and beyond. Lime Crime has color palettes you won’t find anywhere else, and I should know. I have been a loyal fan for a few years now. Doe Deere is always thinking out of the box, and women around the globe like the empowerment her makeup reflects. Wearing Alien Green, Banana Yellow or Cement Gray lipstick will definitely turn heads, because this is a color spectrum that goes beyond the rainbow.

Even as a young child born in Russia, Doe Deere always chose vivid, playful colors to create things. When she moved to New York City, she brought her whimsical nature and keen imagination with her. In 2008, Doe Deere fearlessly launched Lime Crime makeup, hoping at least some people would understand her beauty mission.

The brand caught on rapidly, and a global community of fans was born. Today, Lime Crime’s Instagram page boasts more than 2.3 million followers and growing. Fans like to send selfies adorned in Lime Crime shadows, liners and lipsticks to the brand’s social media sites. Doe Deere is loyal to her followers and enjoys interacting with them online. She sees the immense value in e-commerce and building a brand through social media.

Lime Crime is available here and at popular retail stores like Urban Outfitters, Naimie’s Beauty Center, The Sev and Verana Cosmetics(Mexico). It’s cruelty-free and vegan makeup.

Doe Deere and her brand have soared to the top and are finally being noticed for running a super company. Self-Made magazine is crazy about Doe Deere and included her on their list of Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs. If that weren’t amazing enough, she also graced the cover of Self-Made along with business powerhouses Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington. The recognition has been incredible, and Doe Deere truly believes in loving what you do for work. I believe her, because that quality comes alive through every makeup item she designs.

Lime Crime’s newest additions that are blowing the lid off of beauty include, the brand’s pretty metallic lipsticks and superfoil eye shadows. The pigments on all of them are striking and selling out as fast as Doe Deere creates them. I can honestly say, I have never seen cosmetics like these anywhere, and I live in NYC. Doe Deere has really and authentically captured a makeup revolution.

Lime Crime might not be suitable for you mom or grandmother, unless they are totally free, relaxed and playing by their own rules. However, my aunt wants my Cupid Velventines lipstick.

You can see how sexy these cosmetics look by checking out LimeCrime’s fan pics at their gallery page, #LimeCrime here.

Check out Doe Deere in her New York home: