Chubby Has An Easier Time Maintaining His Weight On Beneful

My dog is an English Foxhound who is very social, gentle, and friendly. Many English Foxhound’s are also active but this isn’t the case for mine. My English Foxhound’s name is Chubby because he likes to eat more than he likes to be active. Chubby has had many problems in the past when it came to his weight not only because he likes to eat but also because he was less active than he should be considering his breed. After trying nearly everything I had decided to put Chubby on Purinastore Beneful healthy weight dog food. Luckily, due to the fact that it is filled with healthy ingredients and a ton of flavor he has been able to lose some weight as well as maintain his weight on it. Not only did Chubby lose weight and then be able to maintain his weight loss on Beneful healthy weight dog food but he also has been more active since I changed his food. I have another English Foxhound along with having Chubby and she eats Beneful wet dog food daily. The type of Beneful wet dog food [] I buy for her is Beneful beef stew wet dog food and she loves it because it is filled with flavor. I also buy Chubby and my other dog Beneful dog treats. The type of Beneful dog treats I buy for Chubby is the Beneful dental twists so that his teeth stay squeaky clean and the type I buy for my other dog is Beneful baked delights hugs. The reason I buy on Amazon my other dog a different type of dog treat than I buy Chubby is because she doesn’t have a problem keeping her teeth clean and she also doesn’t have a problem maintaining her weight like he does so I don’t want to fatten him up with regular treats when I can be giving him healthy teeth cleaning treats that are also made by Beneful.



The family and business life of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is the son to Richard DeVos, Sr. Richard DeVos is the co-founder of the Amway Corporation alongside Jay Van Andel. The privately owned company specializes in offering health products, household, and personal care products. DeVos landed his first job at his father’s company in 1974 where he held various job positions. He became the vice president of the company’s branches that are distributed in 18 countries around the world. He gained a lot of management experience from the vice president position.  He established a company named Windquest, which specialized in manufacturing and marketing if closet organizers. He was later reappointed as the President of Amway Corporation. The firm was able to expand its operations to over 50 countries across the globe during his presidency. The Alticor Corporation comprised of several companies including the Amway Corporation, the Access Business Group, and the Quixtar Corporation.

Apart from managing the family’s business, DeVos has also been involved in his personal activities. He established his corporation known as the Windquest Group with holdings in technology, manufacturing, clean-Tech Industry, Hospitality and other sectors. It was reported back in 2010 that Windquest Group has innovated a way of converting waste heat from the production process into electricity. The company is dynamic, and it comprises of a team of professionals, executives, together with community business leaders.

Dick DeVos is married to Betsy DeVos, for over 30 years. Betsy DeVos attended the Holland Christian High School after which she went to Calvin College. She is known to be active in politics, and she was at one time elected as the chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party for four times. She has been involved in various political activities such as campaigns, political action committees, and political organizations.

The couple established the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in the year 1989. The foundation aims at building a legacy of caring and stewardship through the various projects designed to support the community. The organization directs it’s funding into various activities that aim at promoting a healthy and vigorous community that mainly focuses on health, children, and arts causes.

Dick is also a co-chair of the Grand Action an organization aiming at reviving downtown Grand Rapids. He is also a board member of various organizations including the Spectrum Health System, RDV Corporation, and Willow Creek Association among others.

The Many Colors Of Doe Deere

Color is an integral part of how people today see the world. Many people like to surround themselves in lush colors of every sort from intense orange hues to soft pinks to blues that call to mind the depths of the sea. It is with this idea in mind that business woman and colorist Doe Deere has stepped forward into the spotlight. Deere is someone who truly enjoys being surrounded by color at every single turn. She delights in the very idea of being able to tap into a color palette that includes every possible hue on the color spectrum visible to our eyes.

Bringing Makeup To Life

As part of her passion for color, Deere started an online makeup company. Lime Crime is her own personal baby. In an article for Galore Magazine, Deere talks to her customers about her own background, her love of all colors and her desire to help bring such color to other people via the products she sells via her online store. In the article, Deere delves deeply into her own color sense, reminding the reader that she began to love and adore color when she was only a child. She knows this is very much the way many of her readers have felt when they wish to bring color into their own lives. Like her fellow buyers, she wants the world to have as much color in it as possible and thus have as much life and drama there. Her own business continues to reflect this passion. She is always on the lookout for new make possibilities that might be right for her buyers in any way.

Love Of Business

While Deere is an artist in her own way, she’s also a business person as well. She has done much to start a business that she knows is perfect for the needs of today’s very busy woman. Her aim in doing so is twofold. She wants to bring her fans access to the kind of products she likes. She also wants to help use her business to earn a living and enable her to continue to explore her own artistic talents. Fortunately for her fan base, she has been able to enjoy success in both fields. This is why she is so sought after as a speaker and as someone who can directly appeal to the needs of today’s many business cosmetics consumers.

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How Does GoFundMe Work For Avi Weisfogel?

A GoFundMe page was set up by Avi Weisfogel to make sure that he had a chance to raise money for his favorite charity. Avi Weisfogel has worked with Operation Smile for a long time, and he wants the charity to have all the resources it needs to make a change in the world. Changing the world one smile at a time costs money, and there are many people who would give to Operation Smile if they could. The GoFundMe page from Avi Weisfogel is easy to set up, and it is easy to donate to. His time working with Operation Smile can continue with the extra money raised, and more people around the world will receive dental care.

There are a lot of disenfranchised communities around the world that have people who do not get dental care, and the only way for them to get dental care is to work with a charity like Operation Smile. Operation Smile sends people like Avi Weisfogel into every community, and he is the person that works with the people of the community to make sure they are getting very good dental care. He makes sure these people are prepared for the surgeries that they must do, or he makes sure that every person in the community can get a checkup.

The Operation Smile appreciates Avi Weisfogel and his contribution, and they are happy to have the GoFundMe raising money for them. It is a very simple form of fundraising, and it is even easier to manage.

Avi Weisfogel has take many trips with Operation Smile in the past, but he knows that the charity needs a lot more money if it plans to serve more people. He wants to keep taking trips, and he is planning on raising his own money for every trip. GoFundMe sends the money directly to Operation Smile, and Avi Weisfogel will keep sharing the page as much as he can.

Can Whistleblowers be Protected?

In the past when an employee discovered their employer practicing unlawful acts or unethical practices, those employees did not generally have any type of “Safe-Harbor” to report any violations to government regulators. In fact, employees who participated in whistleblowing in the past often received severe repercussions because of their actions. Some of those repercussions included loss of trust between employer and employee, pressures to quit their job, or the employer finding ways to terminate the employee, also know as retaliation.

However, since the enactment of the Frank-Dodd Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act in 2010, the SEC has created a more rewarding and protected Safe-Harbor for whistleblowers giving not only protection for reported unethical behavior, but also a financial reward in certain situations. The protection of whistleblowers now protects employees from employers, making retaliation illegal, which can be added to the list of unethical behaviors from that employer.

As part of the Safe Harbor for whistleblowers, the SEC has set up, through the help of different firms, the first of which was Labaton Sucharow, a program that exclusively focuses on and protects SEC whistleblowers. In this program, whistleblowers receive expert investigators, financial analysts, forensic accountants who have state and federal law enforcement experience to help each individual whistleblower in their case.

If the SEC is able to levy sanctions against a particular employer, the whistleblower can then earn a financial reward anywhere between 10%-30% of the sanctions against that employer. However, the sanctions have to exceed one million dollars. Whistleblowers, through the new program established by the Frank-Dodd Reform Act, now can also report the violations anonymously to the SEC, if they have representation. This was not always the case in the past, and because they could not report it anonymously, big money corporations found out and retaliated against the employee.

With the scope and implementation of the SEC Whistleblower Program, the country will see fewer big money corporations illegally misappropriating business practices that defraud investors, customers, and employees while the executives make millions and drive the company itself into bankruptcy. Now employees working for that company stand to do what is right, and receive both protection and a financial reward for reporting those illegal or unethical activities to the SEC. Because of the program, employers are urging employees to come to them first and try and resolve the issue before reporting it to the SEC.

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White Shark Media Proactive With Addressing Complaints

Global advertising corporation White Shark Media admits its had its fair share of complaints over the years. Companies are going to have complaints. It’s just part of the business. “The only thing that can be done is listening to your customers and trying to correct them,” says White Shark Media CMO Andrew Lolk.

Typical complaints include lack of communication from the company, phone calls unreturned, performance issues, inability to track adwords performance and having individuals over accounts that don’t suit the customer’s needs.

It takes a great deal of time to get a company to the point of having the fewest complaints, said Lolk. “We do our best to read over every complaint and address them until the customer is satisfied,” said Lolk.

White Shark Media has proven methods to ensure that all ad campaigns are conducted in a precise and professional manner. Keeping the lines of communications open is of utmost importance. In order to rectify the communications problem, GoTo Meetings are scheduled on a monthly basis to go over accounts with a fine-tooth comb and to ensure transparency.

Losing touch with an adwords campaign is unfortunate, but can easily happen. White Shark Media found that their own procedures was not helpful to smaller business that needed to view charts and reports.

To avoid this problem in the future, account managers are required to go over every aspect of the new ad campaign with the client.

White Shark is very eager to let current and potential clients know the changes they have made and they take all comments and concerns seriously.

“We’ve had our fair share of screw ups, but they have been a great learning tool,” said Lolk. “We are definitely a better company for it.”

The ultimate goal is to serve the customer. Both customer complaints and praise will be viewed to move forward in the most constructive manner.

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Twenty Three Layers: Perfect Party Planning

A popular event planning company in NYC called Twenty Three Layers was recently featured online in an article that was a collection of pictures, showing off the companies creative abilities to execute the perfect themed party. The party’s theme was “Teddy’s Farm,” and was a first birthday. Twenty Three Layers captured the theme exquisitely and surely planned an event that will be a fond memory.

With red checkered tablecloths and accents, the farm theme was made very clear. In a corner of the room, laid a tall haystack with names of guests of each child attending the first birthday bash. As a centerpiece, country baskets were filled with apples and at each table setting, a farm board book was wrapped in ribbon nearly for each guest. One of the biggest attractions was the beautiful dessert bar with labeled sweets and creatively places to catch the eye. Everything was just so, and the theme was such an adorable one. Parents and child wore plaid to match the red checkered tablecloths, and the cake featured farm animals. This theme is so versatile and could be used for any age child party and either gender, as well.Red Checkered Table Cloth

Based in New York, this company has grown to become popular with big corporations such as West Elm and Jaguar. Twenty Three Layers is no stranger to planning events of all kinds including weddings, work events, and as pictured in the article, birthday parties. One thing about this company is if you visit their website, you can read many testimonials about the beautiful work they’ve done. It’s clear that Twenty Three Layers can plan one awesome event! They have a special team of designers for each aspect of party planning and will work with you and their teams to make sure that everything you expect at this event will turn out perfectly!